A neat little trick that will enable you to be logged into multiple Skype accounts at the same time on one computer. It will save you lots of time and trouble if you have many Skype accounts and need them to be all online and available at the same time.

If you are upset with being forced to use the new Skype messenger, and want to downgrade to Windows Live Messenger, instead, you can do that in 2 minutes by reading this quick tutorial.

Here’s a clear explanation on why you should store your data online, in a cloud, and what the whole “cloud storage” idea is about, as well as how it works for you and the safety of your data.

How to download and install Viber for Windows on your desktop computer right now. Easy to follow step by step instructions with screenshots included.

Wonder what is your most retweeted tweet ever? Here’s a free web app that will rank the top 10 tweets of, not only yours, but any Twitter account you wish, by number of times they were retweeted.

In Windows 7, there is a feature that lets you search documents for text within them. You can find all documents that contain a word or sentence you’re looking for.

Have you ever thought about what your life would look like, if you could see it flash before your eyes in less than two minutes? How about a video of your life events, taking you from the very beginning, and all through to this current day?

Apple has published the full iPad event video at their official website. If you already tried to watch it, you must have noticed that, annoyingly, you can’t play it in full screen mode. Here’s a quick fix.

You see a ‘new private message’ notification on Facebook. You click on the link. It starts loading. You wait… You wait some more… You try again… And it still won’t open the damn message. Here’s a quick and easy fix.

What is cloud computing and how does it work? A brief explanation, in as simple terms as possible, illustrated with Google as an example.