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xwindows-header-logoHave you ever wanted to make your Windows desktop cleaner and better organized and to still look better than other traditional desktops… That is nicely done in Mac OS X with OS X Dock where you can put icons that you frequently use and it really has some cool effects that make almost any desktop look nice and neat.

Now you can have that thing on your Windows desktop too. Thanks to Vladimir Likhonos who developed XWindows Dock that can be used with Windows XP, Vista and even Windows 7.

Although there are a lot of docking applications for Windows, XWindows Dock beats them all by having an excellent graphical effects such as reflections, transparencies, shadow and blur effects in a single package.

The only thing that could be improved (and I hope it will, soon) with XWindows Dock is that it doesn’t support drag-and-drop function. You can’t move it wherever you like on your desktop. It’s placed on the bottom of your desktop and has fixed location. But this is ongoing deveolpment and I’m sure they will fix that very soon… Before I give you the download link let’s see what this Windows app can do…



User can adjust:

In addition, XWindows Dock allows:

More general features cover:

Customizing Icons


Forget about ugly ICO-files. Download high quality PNG icons, apply them and enjoy the great looking desktop!

Minimize applications


If you want to experience something new other than Windows Taskbar…

Advanced minimization of windows is included. You can use two effects of minimization: Scale and Genie. You can easily customize speed of minimization (or maximization). Set maximum speed and all windows will minimize without animation.

When the icon of minimized window appears in the dock you can see screenshot of the application. Now you can choose one of two methods for capturing a window image

Don’t want to minimize some windows? You can do that by adding it to exclusion list.

And now that you know what this app can do, I’m sure you would like to give it a try…

Download XWindows Dock

For more info, you can visit XWindows Dock homepage.

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[via: TechSnack]

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3 Responses
  • roundaboutit Reply

    It looks and runs great, but i’m a bit put off by the fixed location. Maybe once they’ve fixed it i’ll use it. Back to ObjectDock for me.

  • GenniCe Reply

    I agree. That’s main setback for this cool app. But that’s not so bad for me because I don’t change icons so often so it doesn’t affect me so much :)
    But I think they will change that too because it’s still in phase of development.

    I will update this post when and if they add that feature :) Enjoy!

  • Heartburn Home Remedy Reply

    I follow your blog for quite a long time and must tell you that your articles are always valuable to readers.

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