Windows Vista Broken-Aero Visual Style and Wallpaper Pack

Here is something very original and cool for all Windows Vista users out there. If you are tired of old Vista visual style and want to crack things up a little bit, here’s a nice addition for your Windows Themes. This is really amazing Win Vista theme that I simply had to share with you. I tried it and I must say it looks great! Especially if you’re hack & slash type and like these kind of things.

Take a look at the screenshot below:


I like how the taskbar is designed, and start menu is simply fantastic! Opened windows and applications are also nicely built. Especially the borders around the window.

Below is the link to download this cool Windows Vista theme and try it for yourself.

Download Windows Vista Broken-Aero visual style

If you have never used windows themes other than Microsoft’s default ones, you need to know that in order to apply and use this theme you first need to download and install software called WindowsBlinds (download it here). After you install WindowsBlinds, you can use it to apply this Windows theme to your Vista OS.

And below is the link to a wallpaper pack (by Somrat) that you can use for better look and feel of this visual style on Vista.


Download ‘Broken Vista’ Wallpaper Pack Here

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7 Responses
  • Bash Bosh Reply

    Cool! :)
    I will try it for sure! Thanks for sharing m8!

  • Eldin Reply

    Wow, very nice theme. I tried it and it looks great. Thank you co much for this one!


  • GenniCe Reply

    I’m glad you like it! Enjoy! More of this coming soon…

  • Dean Reply

    Very nice indeed; however it’s a shame it’s not an msstyle!

  • Ragnar Reply

    I had this theme for a long time now on Vista, but as I am on Windows 7 now, I really miss it, any chance to have on 7 too ? that would by much appreciated by many folks, I really love it :)

    • GenniCe Reply

      Hello Ragnar,

      I used this theme on my Vista OS too, but now I use Win7 and can’t make it work. That’s because it works only with WindowsBlinds. And WindowsBlinds is not compatible with Windows 7 (at least not yet), which makes this theme unavailable for Win7.

      Bit I promise you I will feature some amazing Windows 7 themes (visual styles) here that can easily replace the Broken Aero theme with their awesomeness! :) . I’m sure you’ll like it.

      Stay tuned.

      By the way, I love the design on your (flash) site. I like the background music and overall concept… Beautiful.

  • Zak Fisher Reply

    Windows Vista is good but it can hog your CPU and Memory.;~-

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