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bootracer startup timing benchmark toolThe Startup speed of an operating system is really important thing for most of us. Some folks can tolerate their startup speed even if it is a bit (or way too) slow because they usually start their computer only once a day. But for those who constantly turn computers on and off (they exist believe me), it is ‘a real torn in the eye’ (I just wanted to be polite here).

Anyhow,  the startup is the first impression about an operating system and if it starts slowly, the assumption could be made that everything else would be slow as well.

BootRacer is a windows startup speed benchmarking utility that is targeted for general windows user. And that said, there is no need for any advanced technical knowledge to use this tool.

And the thing that marks off this tool from other similar tools is that BootRacer rates you system startup. This gives the user an impression on how his opearting system startup time is compared to other operating systems and their startup timings. Another advantage is that BootRacer records several values, to be precise; the time it takes boot, time it takes to logon, and time it takes to go to windows desktop.


The boot speed rating will get the highest rating if the startup speed of the Windows operating system is below 60 seconds. I thnik many computers can be put to this category today. And that’s why it is better to adjust rating grades of BootRacer to reflect this issue.

BootRacer has option to choose if you want it to start every time you start computer or just to start it once. The first option is recommended in the situation when you try things out. Like removing some startup programs and seeing the results right away. Optimization phase, genreally speaking.

And if you’re confident about your windows boot time, then you can set it to run only once just to see the results (like how your computer compares to others).

Download BootRacer Here

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  • Bash Bosh Reply

    Very interesting application!
    I will download and try it definitely!

  • GenniCe Reply

    Indeed. It really does what it says. And it gives you real picture of how your system starting up speed is doing (good or bad compared to others)

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