Microsoft Windows 7 – Will it be better than Vista?

windows-7-logoWe all know that Microsoft has had some good old times, (like when they launched Windows XP) but those times ended at the very first moment when users started to migrate from XP to Windows Vista. Everybody wanted to see what’s new in the new version of Windows and everyone was so excited. But all that excitement and all that curiosity ended when they started to actually use Vista. then there were bugs, errors, annoying addons and notifications… And so on… (there is much more, but let’s not be so bad:)

But I really hope those times of disapointment will end soon and I have very good argument. Apparently Microsoft realized all their mistakes and now they made a really good job coding the new Windows 7.

It isn’t released yet, but some pre betas and beta versions have leaked on the web. And so many people actually tested it and made their comments on the performance and feel of Windows 7. So let’s see what is different in this version:

Many applications that were just annoying in Vista have been removed from Windows 7. Movie Maker has been removed too. ( Although it will be available for optional download from Microsoft’s website). Look and feel of Windows 7 is very nicely polished. And good thing is that it doesn’t affect on system performance and RAM memory so much like Vista.

The first thing you notice is the revamped taskbar, with chunky thumbnail icons, full-screen application preview on mouse hover, and “jump lists” – pop-up menus that expose key features directly from the taskbar.


There is also great flexibility in choosing how much often and on which user level should Windows display warnings and popups. (more experienced users can adjust it to minimal). It’s has slider where users can adjust level of promting messages in tray.


Microsoft has made windows opening and managing easier. They included option to make all windows transparent in order to see icons on the desktop when needed. And desktop gadgets no longer have backstrip, insted they are directly added to desktop and can be moved easily.

Windows 7 is made easy to use with touchscreens and has some nice options included that will help you use it easier.

The ancient Windows applets Paint and WordPad have been refreshed with a ribbon UI in the style of Office 2007, and Calculator is more sophisticated though ribbon-free. There is no sign of Windows becoming deeply ribbon-driven in this preview.


And Windows media player has some very significant changes too.  It now ahs built-in support for new codecs like AAC, H.264, DivX and Xvid, and support for the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) 1.5 media streaming standard, including transcoding where necessary. There are even more multimedia features, including a new animation framework and DirectX 11.

Microsoft also included “BitLocker to Go” option that encrypts data that is written to removable drives like USB flash.

As for overall security, Microsoft has said little about it: it takes an approach similar to Vista, with UAC along with an Action Center that alerts the user to problems like expired anti-virus. (maybe little annoying).

And they made effort to make this version of Windows more compatible with some hardware that Vista had problems with. There are less problems with drivers too.

Overall: I think that this version of Windows will turn into desirable change that we needed so much after Vista. There will not be so much bugs, code rewritings and errors that were overseen in Vista.

Now we only need to wait for an official release from Microsoft and (I really hope so) enjoy this new and better, more reliable Windows 7!

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