What Is Twitter And How Does It Work – Beginners Guide

I think most of you know what Twitter is, after all I’ve been writing posts about various Twitter tools and tricks. But still I get emails and some questions in comments: “What is Twitter and how does it work?” Here’s a quick beginners guide to Twitter so from now on, everyone knows what I am talking about. (Because there will be more posts about Twitter and Twitter tools in future).

Don’t be overwhelmed by Twitter. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s free. But… What is it?

People all over are Twittering. WTF is Twitter anyway? Most heavy duty techies and electronic device users know this, but still, new to many people, is this quickly rising phenomenon called “twittering”, the verb that describes the use of the application called Twitter.

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that has changed the way many people communicate. Twitter allows users to send “updates” (or “tweets”: text-based posts, up to 140 characters long) to Twitter website via short message service (e.g. on a cell phone), instant messaging, from their computer at home or work, or through a third-party application.

Some see this as a way to simply report their ’status’ to friends, some use it to post interesting links, some use it as a savvy marketing tool and still there are countless ways to utilize this real time quick messaging application.

It’s very easy to do. You just sign up (free registration), pick a user name (your site or profile web page will be ‘http://twitter.com/your name here’), and you can ‘design’ your Twitter home page by uploading an image or choosing web colors.

Then what?

Well, you can search for other twitterers by using the search box or browse other Twitter users and choose to ‘follow’ their tweets if you wish (that’s all what Twitter is about – following others and getting others to follow you). Let me be your first friend on Twitter – Follow me. You can make your tweets private or public and even send messages direct to other twitterers, as opposed to publicly posting yours.

That’s all! Pretty simple I know… That should clarify all your questions and dilemmas about how Twitter works.

Stay tuned – I will be writing more posts about Twitter, like how to use it to market your business or website, connect with like-minded people and many other creative uses of this cool service.

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134 Responses
  • Raju Reply

    Impressive article Gennice! Way to go!!


      LOT TO LEARN BY ME. But first must get computer repaired for it is a mess. Earl Claycomb

      • Irv Reply

        Twitter and Facebook are just more names for rooms to meet with others.

    • Steph Young Reply

      I think Twitter was designed so that any of us over the age of 28 feel old and confused. My kids thought it would be hilarious to explain that Twitter was a big watch-like thing you wore and every time a celebrity did something stupid your “watch” would make a chirping or TWEETY noise. As social media evolved they continued to explain it in a way that made me want to go no further than Facebook. Instagram was a drug delivery site – yeah, I fell for it. You don’t want to know what I was told snapchat was…. To be fair it DOES sound kinda dirty.
      Well, I thought I could meet new people online but apparently people are never honest and these social media sites are for hooking up. This does explain why when I put an ad on Craigslist for students service for my dog I got repeated responses from men assuming I was a prostitute. And if your looking for a friend, stay away from Adult Friend finder. Everyone is nude for some strange reason. Well, good luck to all brave enough to attempt Twitter, I think blogging sounds interesting. Too bad I don’t know how to even begin there. I didn’t realize I was old until my kids laughed themselves sick when I got confused and asked if they wanted hashtags for breakfast. 38 years old and I might as well check into a nursing home, sigh….

  • Bash Bosh Reply

    Very interesting article indeed!
    Good way to inform beginners to Twitter :)

  • GenniCe Reply

    Well yeah, everybody should know what Twitter is because it’s cool and it’s fun! :D

  • Antonio Reply

    If I sign up for twitter, can i unsubscribe unlike other social pnoms that are so it?

    • GenniCe Reply

      Yes you can. You can even delete your account once you don’t want to use it anymore… But I don’t think anyone who tried Twitter ever deleted their acc! :)

      • Ted Reply

        Actually, I did cancel because I had no idea how to do anything with it. May try again after this article.

  • karen Reply

    I am new with twitter and I want my students to work with twitter next year when they have to complete research projects. Any suggestions how I can train them and how can I bring twitter into my classroom?

    • GenniCe Reply

      No doubt that you’re gonna make a great move when recommending Twitter to your students. (I wish some of my professors would be like you)

      You can tell them that they can find Twitter to be very helpful research tool. Especially if they use http://search.twitter.com which will find relevant tweets to the topic of research.

      The chances are, many people had some kind of involvement in that topic, and they contributed by wrting something about it or pointing out to some useful resources or information, and all that can be really helpful.

      Also, they can even ask their followers about specific topic of research and many would be kind enough to help and share their knowledge…

      There are many other ways Twitter can help, it’s just a matter of how creatively is being used.

      I wish you all the best with your class and thanks for reading! :)

  • Kristine Shuee Reply

    - i just love to Twitter everyday with my friends. Twitter is much better than blogging in my opinion and it is very addictive too.
    * *

  • Caramoan Reply

    Twitter is some ways is much better than blogging. I love to Twitter my everyday activities on my friends and relatives.

  • Irv Reply

    Why do I need to twitter when email lets me do the same at length?

    • GenniCe Reply

      Maybe because you don’t need someone’s email address to tweet them?

  • Tamie Koto Reply

    I feel like I’m completely out of touch. Although I have been hearing about twitter for a very long time I have not looked into it. Had not idea how it really works and still feel like I need to read the complete idiots guide. Thanks for the intro.

  • Afrozul Haq Reply

    I am new to twitter but would like to continue to write to like minded people.

  • prabha Reply

    how different twitter is from orkut/ facebook?

    • GenniCe Reply

      Facebook appeals to people looking to reconnect with old friends and family members or find new friends online; the mashup of features like email, instant messaging, image and video sharing, etc. feels familiar, while Twitter is a bit harder to get your arms around at first.

      Most people can very quickly grasp how to use Facebook to connect to friends and family, using it to share thoughts, images, etc. Like MySpace but more geared to adults than teens, Facebook is a social networking Portal; beckoning you not to leave but rather to stick around and communicate within the network.

      Twitter on the other hand, encourages you grab ideals in byte-size chunks and use your updates as jumping off points to other places or just let others know what you’re up to at any given moment.

      The usefulness of Twitter is not readily as obvious to some people as Facebook; although it may be more addictive once you get the hang of Tweeting; you get more immediate responses and it seems to live somewhere between the worlds of email, instant messaging and blogging.

      I hope that cleared some of your dilemmas…

      • Nor Reply

        Guess I’m completely out of it re Twitter. Somehow I presumed that it was useful for commenting on various sites, blogs, etc.
        But such is not at all the case, right??? Therefore, why do sites show the Twitter logo?? Duhh???

      • Robin Reply

        I am new regarding twitter, but would love to learn it. You have been very helpful.

        Thank you

  • Bookshistoryman Reply

    Hi, my friend Twitters & I’m still trying to get my head around it. I have to access her Twitters via my PC (via an email msg). So why not just send me an email pointing me to her website??

  • Rashed Reply

    Excellent and useful guide.

  • Elwood Thull Reply

    I love to use Twitter whenever i want to know the latest buzz about my friends. I also use Twitter to know the latest buzz from famous persons :

  • kem Reply

    hey! thanks to u i’m officially a twitter! now that sounded funny. but thanks anyway

    • Dennis Reply

      You mean thanks to me you are now officially a Twitterrer? :D You’re welcome!

      • @bjrooney_5 Reply

        I have Twitter on my PC, my iPhone,and my iPad2. I just read this article but I still feel in the dark. Where do I find information on how to tweet, manipulate the function keys, know the signs/symbols people use such as # and when do I use @bjrooney_5? I know I am a come idiot but I do not understand half of the stuff being tweeted, how to pick some one, etc. Now, I know this is a first to get this moronic of tweetism. :) :(

        • Dennis Reply

          I completely get your point. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, and it certainly isn’t “moronic”. :) I know it can be tough to get it at the beginning, and especially because of those technical details.

          I’m currently working on a post which will explain to you in full detail how every one of those things work, and how and when to use it. Stay tuned. ;)

  • John Tallier Reply

    Although you rhetorically ask “What is twitter and how does it work” several times as lead-ins to your supposed explanations, you don’t actually state what twitter is, nor how it works. Here are some questions I am left with:

    You say twitter uses SMS to transfer messages to the twitter server/host, but you don’t say where they go when they arrive. Are they addressed to individuals? Where are they stored? Who can access them?

    What is different from regular SMS exchanges?

    How would a user receive messages? Is a special client required, or can you use a browser? Do you have to check for new messages, or is there some notification system?

    I guess I am still wondering “What is twitter and how does it work?” rather than “What can I do with twitter, once I know what it is?” which is the question you were apparently attempting to answer.

    Sorry, I don’t mean to be so critical of your efforts, but I’m still looking for helpful information.


  • susan Reply

    I am also a rookie in this department. Can I use twitter when I am overseas and what does it cost to twit? Thanks for the guidelines. Can you twitter from all cell phones?

    • Peter Reply

      I haven’t seen a reply to John Tallier’s excellent Question/posting yet. His posing questions are deserving of a reply. Or perhaps I missed it!

  • Aidan Reply

    Sorry to be so thick, but I’m at a bit of a loss as to how twitter’s supposed to work. I’m following various people, but have 4 followers myself at the moment. My main question is: how do I get more – do I just have to be as interesting as I can, and hope that people will spot my tweets somehow? I mean, I assume the people I’m following don’t just automatically follow me, so I guess I’m thinking, if I’m going to be so interesting (or even boring :¬) how is anybody going to know about it, apart from my 4 followers? How does that part of it work?

    • Dennis Reply

      You start interacting. You start replying to other people’s tweets and soon you will be noticed.
      They will want to see who replied to them, they will see your profile and updates, and if they like them, they will start following you too.
      As you gain followers, it will be easier over time.

    • carole Reply

      If I receive a twitter on my cell phone do I pay for it? If I send a twitter on my cell phone do I pay for that? Is a cell phone the oly way to send a twitter?
      Sorry, but I’m a senior and don’t catch on so quickly anymore.

      • Dennis Reply

        No, Twitter is NOT only for cell phones. Actually, that is totally optional way of using Twitter. It’s the same as using Facebook from a cell phone.
        You can send tweets from your pc. Just go to twitter.com – log in, and you can start posting your tweets and following other people.

        • iko Reply

          I thought one of the the big deals about Twitter was that it can be used from a cell phone. Actually, I find it amazing that all this verbiage and responses are in this discussion and yet there is no simple coherent summary about how to use Twitter. What a waste!

      • rtlandry Reply

        I don’t have an interest in using Twitter, but I’d like to know what I’m reading when tweets are published. This happens all the time now, and I’m not even sure who the sender and receiver are. I’d love a more “what” than “how” guide to tweets for non-twitterers.

  • sam D Reply

    I liked the brief intro to tweeting. I want to know before I do.

    Can insert tweet about how to handle a dishonest provider from my medicare insurance network who is harassing me by overbilling insurance and then demanding the excess amt from me thru a bill collection agency. i hope some twitter may know how a retitired senior can frugally deal with such cheaters?
    which other web site can be effective?

    • Dennis Reply

      Yes, you can.
      In fact, Twitter is being used by many customers of various companies, and customers spread either good or bad things that they experienced with that company.
      Twitter is a great tool for spreading out the word out there.

  • question Reply

    Ok I get the How, but I still don’t get the Why?
    Why would I want to follow other people’s “tweet”/”status update” or to subject others to my own?

    If you say “fun”, where does the fun reside?

    I am not saying there is no value, I am just saying that for most people who don’t use this tool the lack of “Why” is I think the greatest barrier…

    What need is being satisfyed throug tweets?

  • Cheyenne Reply

    OK so I’m totally tech stupid, why do people use the@ and # signs in front of words in their tweets?
    Also if you follow someone like Fox News, how do you prevent getting tweets from all the people ‘affiliated’ with them for lack of a better word?
    I get tweets from people I don’t know or follow. I follow 3 people but have pages of these tweets I could care less about.

  • Salu Reply

    Most people can very quickly grasp how to use Facebook to connect to friends and family, using it to share thoughts, images, etc.The usefulness of Twitter is not readily as obvious to some people as Facebook; although it may be more addictive once you get the hang of Tweeting; you get more immediate responses and it seems to live somewhere between the worlds of email, instant messaging and blogging

  • Annette Reply

    Are we suppose to be able to see our tweets on the page we posted it on? I was trying to comment and it never showed up! I just signed up to Twitter would that have something to do with it?

  • Ruby Reply

    Why do you need the password of our email? unlike FB i had to change everything because they were sending things to the people in my address book, not cool. I have alot of business associates who were upset because FB contacted them through my address book., so why? Ruby

  • newbie Reply

    I signed up for twitter briefly but was put off by someone whose identity I’ve no idea of signing up to get my tweets. Having unknown people able to read my posts would seriously limit me wanting to say anything personal that I might otherwise want to share with my friends.
    Is there any way at all of controlling who can follow your tweets and removing them if say someone who you wanted to avoid started following you on twitter?

  • Genev Reply

    I haven’t got website….

    • Dennis Reply

      It’s ok. You don’t need a website. You just go to twitter.com, register a new account and start following other people.

  • april Reply

    I’m with Cheyenne. Why do people use the @ and # signs when twittering?

  • Judith Abernathy Reply

    Basic ,. But cut the sarcasim. 86 the demeaning approach. Your parents probably did not twitter at your age. Rest assured that if by a fluke of nature, you reproduce,God forbid, you too will encounter tecnology and a plerhora of changes by your grands. I submit to you to the need to look inward. Basic and terse, it remains a slap in the face of the disabled.
    youth is wasted on the young.

  • RockMatazz Reply

    I’m embarrassingly new 2 this twitter world, so I want 2 know if u can make new friends on twitter. Do u have 2 know the person 2 follow them. Do u send invites or requests?

    • Dennis Reply

      No need to be embarrassed, I can help out.
      To answer your questions:
      Yes, you can make new friends on Twitter. No, you don’t have to know the person if you want to follow them. You don’t need invites nor requests. You just click “follow”, and voila, you receive their updates in your Twitter stream from now on. And they will be glad you follow them.

      I will be writing a more detailed post for twitter beginners that will answer these kind of questions. Stay tuned.

  • Whit Reply

    very simple and clear explanation. I can’t believe I’m twitting

    • Dennis Reply

      I’m glad you managed to get started. Enjoy!

  • tonia offor Reply

    iam new to twittering,but it looks interesting,i hope to find my way arrond it shortly

  • Rachel Amirian Reply

    Can you message me with some tips about how you made this site appear this particular amazing, Id appreciate it!

  • frank Reply

    This twitter and facebook crap is for young computer geek kids.

    to this senior citizen it is a bunch of foolishness and people who can’t communicate face to face.

    • Dennis Reply

      Actually, there are about 30-40% of senior citizens on Facebook…
      I agree that people should communicate more face2face, but this could be used as an additional means of communications between distant friends that you can’t meet otherwise…

  • iko Reply

    You only covered what Twitter is – there’s nothing about how it works (how to work it).

    • Dennis Reply

      I know this is just shallow coverage of what Twitter is all about. I am writing a series of posts to describe in deeper detail on how it works, how to work with it and how to utilize it in the best possible way.
      Thanks for reading.
      Stay tuned. ;)

      • Winfield Reply

        I am very interested in learning to tweet as well. I am curious to see what comes of it.

  • Joe Reply

    (1) If I make my tweets public, will they go out to everyone on Twitter or will they go only to people who follow me? (2) If I follow someone and send them a tweet, will all of their followers also see it?

    • Dennis Reply

      1. Your tweets only appear to people who follow you.
      2. Yes and no. There are two ways, you can send a public reply to their tweet, and theirs and your followers can see that tweet, or you can send them direct message which is private and only you two can see the conversation.

    • nancy Reply

      I am keen to learn if some could show me how its done properly.

  • Kim Moore Reply

    I am on Twitter and following a certain celeb but when I write a “tweet” it goes on my wall, how can I instant message on Twitter or is it just status updates?

    • Dennis Reply

      The tweets you write are like Facebook statuses. They get posted on your wall, and on walls of those who follow you.
      If you want to refer to someone (equivalent to tagging in Facebook), you can just add “@” in front of their username and add that to the content of your tweet. That way, even if they do not follow you, they will be able to see your tweet.

      Hope this clarifies things a little bit.

      I will be writing a post explaining all these technical things in detail, as I see many people have problems starting with Twitter. Stay tuned. ;)

  • Linda Reply

    Here is where I get lost… Twitter is used by companies to communicate with their consumers, customers, vendors…. I am trying to get my company to use it as a recruiting tool… hey, aren’t we current and fun! How would we get followers if we are not a mainstream company like Nabisco?

  • lisacrofts Reply

    Yeah but how does it work. I have twitter on my computer and i have seen some tweets but i just dont get it. I guess it goes through your phone and gives you push updates as people send a tweet. But i dont really get it.

  • Mike Alexander Reply

    Good article, twitter is a recommended way for a anyone selling or creating themselves as a brand to spread the word. I myself am working towards being a REALTOR, and its a great way to get info out, and share facts and figures. follow me, @mikeatexit

  • Freddi Reply

    How do you find your friends/family, etc? Is there a limit to characters? Thanks!

    • Dennis Reply

      There is a limit of 140 characters that you can write in one message (tweet).
      But then again, you can write more than one message, so you can fit in what you wanted to say. Although, I would avoid long things to say on Twitter, since it is mainly used for quick updates and short sentences. People don’t want to read anything long.

      And you can find your friends by searching for them on http://search.twitter.com – you can also use this search tool to find conversations that you are interested in, and maybe join in with your 2 cents. That way, you can meet new people, and find new followers.

  • Mary Reply

    Can you read twitter post with out bring there friend

    • Dennis Reply

      Yes, Mary, you can read other people’s posts even if you do not follow them, or they’re not following you. As long as they didn’t set their posts to be private, which rarely happens on Twitter.

  • Dizzy Reply

    Thanks for the overview, I’ve got some specific questions on how Twitter works:

    1) I’m interested in “following” a few government agencies (to be alerted to specific info, etc.) but have no interest in doing any “posting,” do I still need an account?

    2) Once I start to “follow” someone where/how will I receive their postings? Do I need a special app to read their posts directly?

    3) If I get an account do I have to create a “profile”?

    Thanks again!

  • William Reply

    if i follow someone, I know that i can see their tweets but do they see mine?

    • Dennis Reply

      They can see your tweets only if they go to your profile page. But if they follow you too, then your tweets will show up in their tweets feed (or news feed that is constantly updated with new tweets of the people you follow).

  • Kerry Reply

    Thank You -I’m old & just didn’t get what it is or does until now. Your mother should be proud!

    • chuksgpfr Reply

      Nice post..
      You just made me remember my twitter password..


  • Loren Reply

    Thanks! That really helped me out.
    I’m gonna go sign up for Twitter now! – if my parents let me :)

  • Tanya Bickley Reply

    Have been following “beginner” comments. Most helpful. Look forward to your updated postings.

  • loblob Reply

    I still dont get it. whats the point. isnt this what facebook is for? Is twitter just for twats and ners that spend too much time on their gayphones. How do you use it for work is what im curious tho..

  • Grambo Lynch Reply

    I have developed a love for Japanese music and artists from the mid-20th century. Would this help me discover information about my hobby or is it more a tool for American interests?

    • Dennis Reply

      It’s not only for “American interests”. You can search for people that have love for Japanese music as you do, and follow them, and see what the’re posting about, which is a good way of discovering some more info on your hobby. Simply go to http://search.twitter.com and search for it, and it will bring up the latest tweets about Japanese music for example. From there on, you can see who posted those tweets, and then go to their profile and check out their other tweets. You’re sure to discover something new.
      Good luck!

  • cooldude Reply

    Twittering?? I think its tweeting

    • Dennis Reply

      You got me there, cool dude. You’re right, it’s tweeting. ;)

  • idahoflora Reply

    Just read your interesting instructions…but do not see where you wrote extended info on Twitter/tweeting. Have you done so, and I just missed it? Or is it in the replies ? Thanks for helping me get started. Off I go… is there a lingo/language for T.?

  • Jason Reply

    This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger.
    I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve
    shared your site in my social networks!

  • olivia Reply

    great article but what points can i present to my parents to let them give me permission to have a twitter?

  • tumi Reply

    Hi I’m still learning how to twitter. Suppose I compose a tweet do people I follow see it?

    • Dennis Reply

      No, people who follow YOU see your tweets. And you see tweets of people you follow. I hope that’s not confusing.

  • muhammad ali Reply

    how to sign up a twittering

  • Julia Reply

    So twittering is texting? Really I’m that new at this:)

    • Dennis Reply

      Texting is only one way of “twittering”. In other words, you can post tweets via text messages on your phone, OR, you can post tweets directly using twitter.com after you log in.
      But yeah, one tweet can be 140 characters long (maximum length), so that’s common with a text message in some way.

  • victor Reply

    plz hw cn i download twiter app on my nokia 5800

  • halah Reply

    hey, I need twitter API to collect tweet, plz help

  • Paulus Reply

    I m new to twitter , where should I start ?

  • anastasia Reply

    I am so unsure about twitter because I am not that much into technology and I kind of figure we already have facebook,cellphones,computers I sort of feel like we are getting away from being close to ppl and now “following”what someone is doing is weird to me,however being that we are changing and evolving in such a social way I feel like I am the only one left out so to speak.I keep reading different things about how to use twitter and I would mostly want to use it to meet new ppl but I honestly feel like I have no idea how to do it despite reading about how to use it! I meen I understand you sort of text what you may be doing but I dont get how ppl “follow” you-I meen who would want to follow me I am not interesting like a celebrity-I like that you somehow find what celebritys write but again I wouldnt know hopw to do that at all–anyway please help me with my dilemma-should I make a twitter acct. or not? maybe I should try it and if I dont get it then learn how to erase it??? I dont know??

  • newjean Reply

    OK, got the basics on Twitter, I think. What is it when you use the hashtag? Is that something entirely different? Thanks for any help.

  • Eddy Reply

    Loving all of this -cant wait to get started. Doing my research first, because I want to tweet about the non-profit organization I volunteer for.

  • Alan Reply

    Just wondering what advantages a Twitter account would have, over just status updates and comments on my fb page?

    Should I have a Twitter link on my new website?

  • Wendy Reply

    Is there a way to make $ by tweeting for others/ businesses for example?

    • Samson Reply

      download a twitter app.

  • Henrik Reply

    I have a Facebook account but I don’t post anything. So, why do I need Twitter?

  • Patty Reply

    I still don’t understand how Twitter works.

  • Moo Reply

    I just got an invite to join from someone who’s public tweets I had read online. Can they see who has read their tweets when I have not joined up. Does my name or email come up somewhere when I read their tweets.

    • Dennis Reply

      No, they can’t see you read their tweets if you didn’t join Twitter and didn’t follow them with your Twitter account.

  • wayne Reply

    If I follow someones twitter do they know that I see it?

  • Ethan P. Reply

    Yeah, twitter is fun to learn and new things seem to come on. Remember the hash tag? Anyways, thanks again for the great content.

  • Helene Reply

    I am so much out of touch with this tool..have now clue how it works.I have 2 facebook accounts,one personal and one created page-which I am unable to delete whithout losing all my data.Can I a have personal (sinc I am a private person)and a public account,since I want to use this twitter-tool for marketing art work?Thank you,for answering us who dont know better!

  • Mike Bittner Reply

    I’ve just been on Twitter for a few months to follow funny celebs, etc. I haven’t tweeted anything. Some lady has started following me, but I think it’s probably some kind of scam or trap. I don’t want anything to do with her. So, I “blocked” her, but it still says she’s following me. What, if anything, does blocking a follower actually do? Thanks for your help.

    • Dennis Reply

      Hi, Mike. Blocking a follower means they won’t be able to see your tweets. No worries.

  • Andy Reply

    If I tweet someone will it show up on their twitter page kinda like posting on someone’s wall on Facebook? And I can tweet anyone right? As long as they don’t have a private block for only people they know. Thanks!

    • Dennis Reply

      Andy, yeah, it will show up on their twitter page, but only they will be able to see the tweets that are directed toward them. Like the tweets starting with their username, for example: “@Gnoted I like your post about Twitter”. That will be seen only be me. But if you mention someone in your tweet (not right on the beginning, but at some other point), like this “I think @Gnoted has some great blog posts about Twitter”, then that tweet appears on my Twitter page as well.

      And yeah, you can tweet anyone, as long as they have their public filter off.

  • William Bankes Reply

    Just started on twitter and your info was very helpful. Keep up the great work.

  • Harold Laufer Reply

    Anxiously waiting for your detailed discussion of how it works. Actually I want to know how to use it. I really am not interested in getting tweets from athletes and celebrities. How do you delete people you don’t want to follow? Do I really have to accept 10 tweets a day from the same source, like the NY Times? Etc. it seems like Twitter gives very little instruction and makes it hard to contact them with questions. Maybe this is great if you know how to really use it, but so far most of the tweets I see are pretty inane.

  • Zumbugga Reply

    Why do you constantly duck the question “why use a hash tag?”

    • Dennis Reply

      I don’t. Here’s the answer: You mainly use hash tags on Tiwtter when you want that particular tweet to be easily found in Twitter’s search engine by the people who search for that topic.
      For example, someone wants to know all about smartphones, so they searche for “smartphone”, and the tweets that contain that hash tag emerge on the results page. That’s it.

  • Chris Wilby Reply

    I was invited to send CTC (cycling touring Club) a tweet.
    What happens to the tweet. The CTC have something like 23000 followers, does my tweet go through to those followers or does it go to the CTC organisation only and then they choose to send it on ?

    • Dennis Reply

      It goes to the CTC only, and if they decide, they can retweet it and make it go to all of their followers.

  • Graham Reply

    Hi Dennis – I have not read all of the replies up there – there are too many of them. This ‘tweeting’ technology has certainly taken off! Is it your creation?

    Can I use ‘twitter’ to tell people what is going on with regard to Christian outreaches in the city where I live? I have 2 radio programmes on a local radio station – can I use this technology to get ‘followers’ and if so, how do I do it? I’m NO computer whizzkid – in fact I don’t use a computer very well at all…

    Warm Regards in Christ


  • Jerry Reply

    If you had no money and wanted to reach a lot of people because you was running for a government office what would be the best, facebook, twitter or blog?

  • Anil Kumar Reply

    Thanks, It is good information regarding twitter.

  • mandolin Reply

    Some have a lot of free time on their hands. Twitter has no appeal for me. Don’t understand it’s appeal. Don’t want to communicate with a host of people at one time. Too impersonal.

  • Robert.H Fellows Reply

    Have just joined – so how do I get my messages out to promote myself – novels – as I have read all above and your promises to make this easier to understand – maybe American thinking is different, as I noticed questions didn’t get straight answers – unless you e’mail them to the questioner.

    oh dear that’s more than 140 characters – hang that man!

  • chuck Reply

    Tweeting is like mob friendship, which sometimes is better than none. Silence (and loneliness) is not always golden. “To have a friend, one must show himself friendly.” (Proverbs 18:24). Still, some will reply, in their own honest way, like Rhett Butler burned out in marriage to a once-shallow wench Scarlett (not unlike social media), “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Tweet!” — taken from the proverbial novel ‘Gone With The Social Media’.

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    just signed up, looking forward for the exciting tweeting

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    Finally something better than face book 2 many kids on fb thanks 4 information

  • Deb Reply

    Dennis are you still working this site? Trying to figure this out. Would it be correct to say Tweeting is like an OPEN PUBLIC CHAT FORUM? You can choose what forum you want to follow & others may choose to follow you? Compared to Facebook which is for mostly friends & family, and linked in which is business oriented? This is open to the public, new friends or those with the same interests? They do not know your personal business, just what you choose to chat about?

  • Tony Wilton Reply


    If I Tweet to a group starting with a hashtag do they only see it or is it seen by all my followers?


  • Ibrahim Reply

    good job! i just signed up too, and read all the helpful information and comments above regarding TWITTING and still waiting for more

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    just signed up and i hope to catch up with time..actually i love the information here and i know it will help me.thanks alot.!!

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