What Google Will Look Like In Year 2084

google2084-smallOk, as I plan to better organise this blog in near future (group posts by categories), I will try to make a category that will contain some great funny and geeky stuff that I’m sure all of you will like.

So let this be one of the first posts that can be put in ‘Funny’ category together with Can I Download The Internet? and The First Person to Use Emoticons in Real Life – Video and also Developers Of Firefox Are Actually Aliens?. If you like this one, be sure to check them all out!

So, we all know what the big G stands for in today’s world of internet. Yeah, it’s Google… See how fast Google grows? They try to expand their influence even further by launching the Google Chrome OS (although it’s recent screenshots have proven to be faked).

Did you ever asked yourslef what Google will look like in about 70 or 80 years ahead? Don’t bother yourself trying to imagine all that stuff… Here’s just one cool image that should pretty much explain it all… :) Enjoy!

The screenshot of Google’s homepage in year 2084


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