Awesome Virtual Reality Video Sunglasses – Wrap 920AV

vuzix logoWe all watched at elast one movie where these virtual reality glasses were one of the main trends and signs about how advanced technology will be in the ‘future’. I remember, I was amazed just when I thought of an idea to have a pair of these cool virtual reality glasses. But those movies aren’t so weird and these glasses aren’t unachievable anymore. It’s been a while since this was made in to reality.

But these virtual reality video glasses were not so good looking, and one regular man (I am not talking about geek here) could not wear them while walking on the street or other public places. That’s because they didn’t look like glasses, they looked like some… (crazy scientist’s project?). That’s why they weren’t so popular these couple of years since they have been released.

Would you go out with your friends wearing a pair of these?

virtual reality old glasses

or maybe something like THIS?


Just joking…

Well, that’s how these glasses looked like for last couple of years, no wonder why they weren’t so popular…

But listen to this now:

Vuzix announced that it will launch a substantially improved edition of its video glasses at CES. (and that’s this week…)

The model is called The Wrap 920AV. And it will reportedly tackle the problems of both appearance and viewing angles by following the design of traditional summer sunglasses. In addition to looking more like conventional eyewear,The Wrap 920AV will switch from the narrow display of before to a wider, more natural view that also shows some of the real scene in the background.

Here’s how they’ll look like:

virtual reality sunglasses

Looking pretty nice…

Vuzix didn’t discover any details about the specifications of these great virtual reality glasses (including its resolution or input options) but they said that these glasses will be compatible with ‘any’ portable media player. More details are due at CES, which starts January 8th. Till then… Enjoy!

Via: Gizmodo

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