Washing Machine Tweaked – Posts on Twitter When The Load's Done

Are you that kind of guy who often forgets to get his laundry when it has finished washing? Well, you are not alone. (if you are that type) This guy is just like you, but he was creative enough to find a solution. But remember this – creative solution.

Apparently, this guy has managed to tweak his washing machine so when it is done with washing the laundry, it automatically posts new tweet on twitter and prompts it’s owner to get the laundry out. I told you it was creative! I really like these kind of guys who are able to think ‘out of the box’ so they come to solutions like this one. I was amazed when I first found out about this… I said to myself: “Why I didn’t think of that?” (I’m not so creative obviously…)

So next time, if you put your clothes into wash machine and go to your computer and often forget to get off of it (as we all do…) you should implement this ‘innovation’ on your washing machine too. :D

You can see the tweets of this ‘smart washing machine’ here on Twitter. I can’t believe it has 78 followers already! (omg) :D

This guy was kind enough to share his secret with us and to show us how did he do it. He made a video about it… So let’s take a look… and maybe learn something from this geek.

Maybe this will be seen by some washing machine manufacturers and this could be one of extra options included in new models of washing machines. Who knows…

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Enjoy! And don’t forget to share this cool idea with others.

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  • Luke Reply

    God,Let a washing machine post tweet on twitter.
    I can’t belive. ;)

    By the way ,thanks for your comments on wp-note.

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