Twitter Test – From 0 To 926 Followers In Just 3 Days!

yooohooo!To be honest, I still can’t believe what I did with my followers count! Remember, it’s going from no followers at all (start) to amazing 923 followers in just 3 days. So here’s what I wanted to do…

I just wanted to try something out. Do some testing. As you probably know, my ‘official’ account on Twitter is @Gennice where I don’t have so many followers, and about 6 months have passed since I created that account.

Maybe that’s the reason why I started to hate Twitter and started to think it’s totally useless and a waste of time.

So I went ahead and created new account named @upthesky and wanted to apply some testing. Just to see if some things would work out.

I’m not telling you what I did (yet), but I assure you it’s nothing related to spamming (I hate that!) or bots, or army of Twitter accounts and other similar stuff. Let me tell you straight ahead, those things DO NOT work.

Many people tried them and they ended just losing time and having nothing but spammers to follow them. And believe me, that’s pretty annoying thing.

So I implemented what I thought would work, and now after three days, I still can’t believe that I have over 900 Twitter followers! 926 to be exact. That’s really awesome for three days period.

Here’s proof from (you can click link to see the actual page or see the image below)


You can see how the graph skyrockets in just 3 days starting from September 25th, to 28th.

And something surprised me even more. TwitterCounter can try to predict how many followers will you have in next 30 days, based on the speed by which you gained them until now. What do you think, how much it predicted for my account? It predicted that at the end of the next 30 days, I will have approximately 14,416 Twitter followers! LoL! :)

Here’s the screenshot:


Amazing isn’t it? Although, I think that prediction is not so accurate. That would be way to amazing to be true. But I think it will go somewhere to 10.000 followers in a month. And that’s great.

To be honest, I really did not expect something like this, three days before, when I was creating this test account. But now it seems so amazing and true!

I will let you know how this experiment goes, and how many followers I manage to gain as time goes. I will keep posting reports and taking notes of advancement. Stay tuned and you might even get to know how I did it.

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  • JD Reply

    Would love to know how you did this. My band’s Twitter account (@aftershocknc) needs it! :)

  • Matthew Lord Reply

    I wish you would share your strategy… that is absolutely wonderful!

  • Gain Twitter Followers Reply

    Twitter is a fantastic marketing tool and when it is used to it’s full potential can be much more than just an extension of your website content. Finding followers can be a tedious task and allowing someone with the experience to do it for you can be beneficial to your brand or comapnies Twitter marketing campaign.

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