Send 1 GB Large Files Online (Faster Than Email)

Instead of being limited to only 25mb and only being able to send to Gmail users, you can now send really large files to any email address, no matter if it’s Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or… You get the point.
And yes, all the way up to 1 Gigabyte, and it’s absolutely free.

This, currently, is the fastest and simplest way to send large files online to your contacts’ email address. Or to even more than one of them at once.

To see how simple it is, here are the 3 steps to send your large files:

1. Go to web app, or open the desktop version of it.

2. Enter email address you want to send the file to.

3. Select, or drag & drop files, and send!

Now let’s see some details related to this immensely useful, and yet, free web app.
It is created by a newly-founded company, Kicksend.
Yes, you have to register to be able to send large files, but the process is surprisingly simple and fast, with only 3 things you need to write:
Your name, your email address, and your desired password.

That’s all. You’re registered. And no, you don’t even need to click on those confirmation links sent to your email. You can start sending files right away.
You can even login with your Facebook account, if you really don’t wish to register.

One of the most impressive things of this app

is that it’s┬áridiculously simple! Everybody can use it, no matter what their computer skills are, or if they even have them (Grandma included). See the screenshot below, and you’ll see why.

steps to send a file using kicksend
As you can see, the interface is pretty simple and it gets straight to the point. All in one page. In the upper right corner you can also see your free sending limit for the current month.

If you want slightly more

Every month, you are allowed to send 1GB large files. It depends on your needs, but for average user, that should be enough.
And if it isn’t, then there are couple of steps you can take to expand your limit from 1GB to 1550 mb. It’s easy, if you need the additional space, and it’s pretty fast to do. The things you can do are captured in the screenshot below.

Complete these steps to increase file size limit

If you want a LOT more

If 1.5 GB still isn’t sufficient for your needs, then… There’s one last step you can take.
Purchase one of their premium packages. Then you can have 10+ GBs. Since I don’t write posts to promote anyone, nor am I writing about apps that are not free, I won’t go into much detail here, but you can see the rest on their website. I covered the free part which I think will be useful to most of the average need users.

One downside of it all

The limit for sending files directly using web app is 150 mb. If you need to send files larger than 150 mb, you’ll have to use their desktop app. It’s still free, and fast to download, but still, it’s one additional step, which I didn’t like.

Finally, the link to their website is below

Go to KickSend and send huge files.

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