How to Run Google Chrome on Windows 7 64 bit Version

google-chrome-internet-browserIt’s been a week now since Microsoft launched their new Windows 7 beta. Many people downloaded it, either because of curiosity or because they wanted to finally get rid of Vista. But as you know, this Windows 7 is Beta version. So it is for testing purposes, and there are many bugs that need to be fixed.

One of the bugs that was discovered by users of Windows 7 beta 64 bit version is that it can’t run Google’s famous internet browser - Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers on the net available right now. And it’s market share between internet browsers is rising fast and constantly. I think it is because of Google’s aggressive promotion and marketing. I must admit that Google Chrome is amongst faster internet browsers I’ve tried. But I think it still can’t be compared to Mozilla Firefox 3. It just doesn’t have so big community of developers who make such a creative and useful plugins and extensions that are available only for Firefox. That’s why I use Firefox in the first place.

And for those of you who use Google Chrome on your PC and recently upgraded your operating system to Windows 7 beta 64 bit version have noticed that Google Chrome is not working on new version of Microsoft Windows 7. I have easy and simple fix for you that will enable you to run Google Chrome on Windows 7 64 bit version right away.

So here’s

How to Run Google Chrome on Windows 7 64 bit Version:

1. Right Click on Google Chrome Icon on your desktop

2. Add “–in-process-plugins” (without quotation marks) after chrome.exe in Target field.

Take a look at image below to see what I am talking about:


3. Click Apply (or OK) to save changes.

4. Now start Google Chrome and enjoy faster web browsing…

I hope I helped you to solve this annoying bug in Windows 7 and get that Chrome up and running.

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12 Responses
  • Applebees Menu Reply

    I must say that you provide genuine, quality information. Thanks for this!

    BTW, this is one of the best blog designs I’ve ever seen! Great work!

  • MARCMAK Reply

    This Google Chrome really sucks its just a bad copy of what safari is, people whom are reading this forget Google Chrome, goto and download the NEW SAFARI BETA and see for yourself what your missing, this is by far the best and most advance browser today…..Your opinion counts

  • Jim Allistair Reply

    Marcmak, you’re a moron.

  • Nobody Reply

    if google chrome would have been launched before safari for windows, it would be know as the safari alternative because it has the same functions and both use webkit. im using google chrome right now because safari 4 looks horrible on windows.

  • roxbimbim Reply

    its not working for me and infact this is wat comes out when i add -in-process-plugins. C:UsersMioAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe-in-process-plugins’ specified in the target box is not valid. make sure the path and file name are correct. pls help cuz i once loved chrome am still in love

    • Dennis Reply

      When you write “-in-process-plugins”, there has to be a space before the hyphen, and also, there has to be 2 hyphens like this “–in-process-plugins”.
      Take a look at the screenshot above in the post, and you will see what I am talking about.
      Hope this helps. ;)

      • Renai Reply

        That didn’t work for me either. I’m not too bright & the solution was right in front of my face. I right clicked, went to properties, compatibility tab, drop down menu & selected Windows 7. Like I said, I’m not too bright. I assumed the hubby did all that already

        • Dennis Reply

          You don’t need to do anything in the compatibility tab.
          Just copy-paste this without quotation marks –> “–in-process-plugins”
          And paste it as described above. It has to work. Unless you have some kind of other problem not related to this one…

        • roxbimbim Reply

          u r a genius dude. it was soooo soooo simple

      • roxbimbim Reply

        thanx for ur help it did work perfectly for me , i owe u dude

  • clive Reply

    This fix does not work
    Just grey screen

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