Reduce Long Tweets To 140 Characters On Twitter Using 140it

140it-twitter-service-reduceIf you are regular Twitter user, then you probably had this situation at least once. When you try to tweet something, sometimes you need to use at least 1 or more characters to say it right so people can understand waht are you talking about, but you can’t because Twitter sets limit for all tweets to be 140 characters long. Sometimes it’s so frustrating…

But there is way to make your tweet, that has more than 140 characters, shorter so it can be successfully sent as an update on Twitter. You can do it by replacing characters with shortcuts, alternate characters and popularly used symbols.

What I am talking about is the chat language which people use on messenger services. If you are good thereĀ  you probably don’t need this one, but if you don’t want to sweat trying to think which characters could be replaced by which symbols and other stuff then this Twitter service is for you.

Here’s example tweet that I entered (as you see it exceeds the 140 characters limit by 18) :


And here’s the ‘optimized’ or shrinked tweet that has reduced number of characters and it’s ready to post on Twitter:


This service I am talking about is 140it.

There is also tool that enables you to do this and still not having to go every time to this website. This tool is only available if you post updates from web.


And here’s a demo video that will better explain what this Twitter service (140it) can do for you:

Now you can enjoy Twitter with far less frustration when it comes to posting some tweets that need to be little longer to make sense.

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