A Peek Inside Facebook’s New & Really Cool Office!

facebook-new-office-photosLet’s see if I can find photos of the offices of all popular web companies and post them here. Until now, you had a chance to see How Google’s offices look like (video and photos), and also take a peek inside Digg’s offices and see where and how their people work.

Today, we will see another exciting collection of office photos. And this time it’s from famously popular, the giant of social networking  - Facebook

This office is designed by the folks at Studio O+A, so the people who work at Facebook now have a new and really cool office located at Palo Alto, California, USA.

Before the redesign and construction of this 150,000-square-foot office, each of Facebook employees was asked to find out what they wanted and what would make their work experience better, more creative and more productive. And it seems they have pretty nice taste for these things…

Based on the photos taken below, the new office is indeed much more cozy and colorful. I personally love the DJ set and the bender on the wall!

I also posted the photos of old office (before it was redesigned) below these so you can see the difference.

And below are some of the photos of Facebook’s old office, before it was redesigned. Just to help you compare.


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