Phishing Website Offers Free Kaspersky AV License for 6 Months – Watch Out

warning-phishing-websiteWhile I was reading one of the blogs that I visit daily and really enjoy their posts, I found out something about Kaspersky India website that offers free Kaspersky Antivirus licence for six months and they were saying that it’s all legal.

Something like promotion from Kaspersky so they give those free licenses for a limited amount of time. You just need to fill in a form and they will send you free licence via e-mail.

And at first sight, there was nothing suspicious about that offer. But when I actually clicked the link that takes to “Kaspersky India” website (exact website address below in the screenshot) , I got warning from my Kaspersky antivirus (yes, you read that well, I was using Kaspersky already, I’ll explain it later) that website I”m trying to visit is actually a phishing website that steals confidential data such as credit card numbers and other important stuff. I was really surprised and thought there must be some mistake with my antivirus. So I tried to visit that website again, and warnings continued to pop-up all over my screen. Then I had to believe…


But the funny part is, I already had antivirus installed on my PC and (how ironic) it was Kaspersky Internet Security. I just wanted to see this “promotional offer” and write about it here on my blog so you can use this free licence, but luckily I found out about this and now I ended up actually writing a warning to all of you who have seen this offer on other tech blogs (there are many of them who blogged about this unaware) to not go on this Kaspersky India website and fill any forms they might ask you to. And for those of you who’ve already been there… Well you should change all of your passwords and hope they did not steal any really confidential data such as credit card numbers and other stuff that is important.

Here’s a message to all tech bloggers out there who write about this kind of offers: Check your source of information first, and then check everything that is related to that software or free license in this case. After you checked all these things, then you can post on your blog and share it with your readers. Otherwise your blog readers will not believe you anymore and they’ll find more trustworthy blog to read. I’m telling you this because I know many of bloggers did not have intentions to steal your data or something but they just didn’t check their info source and that’s why they posted such thing on their blogs.

By the way, this is great example that shows how Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 (that I recommend to everyone) is great antivirus software that really helps you browse the web safer.

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13 Responses
  • Raju Reply

    Thanks for letting me know personally about this. Some users had reported this to me but I ignored them. But I have updated my post and have tried to come out clean.

  • ebta Reply

    Thanks for your information,
    I almost try to sign up and almost write about this too.. because many blogger write about this free offer

  • GenniCe Reply

    @Raju, I’m glad I helped, everybody should be warned so they don’t lose their blog readers.

    @ebta, Yes it seems as a great offer and many bloggers wanted to share this with their readers, I wanted too but then I found out what’s the deal about… :)

  • roguedeals Reply

    Good read. Yes, there are a lot of different suites that you can use, but as a rule of thumb, never download them from third party web sites. is okay and the main manufacturers web site is okay… but I always tend to shy away from sites Ive never heard of before.

  • Bash Bosh Reply

    Very useful info.
    Kaspersky is for sure one of the most quality and popular AV on the earth. But I use ESET Smart Security with pleasure!

  • Ex Girlfiend Reply

    The style of writing is quite familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  • Jessica J Reply

    So I’m looking for a free antivirus software program for WIndows XP. I got a virus and need to get rid of it. Any recommendations?

  • detoxtech Reply

    Kaspersky is the best Anti-Virus program i have ever used. it is way better than Mc Affe and Norton Antivirus.

  • Lemuel Reply

    Kaspersky works better than Avg or Avast antivirus. Some viruses and trojan would not be detected by AVG but they are always detected by Kaspersky.

  • Jacob Johnson Reply

    I always prefer to use Kasperky over Avast or McAfee. Kaspersky is much better in detecting new viruses and it does not consume too much resources on your dektop PC.;`’

  • Leibold Reply

    Please email me with some hints on how you made your website look this awesome, I would be appreciative.

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