Love Windows? Now It Can Be With You 24/7

In recent years, we have seen the rise of the iPhone and Android phones. These smartphones are everywhere, and have a majority of the industry under their control. However, Windows has recently entered the smartphone market with hopes of gaining a fair share, and will be releasing its new phones on November 8th. For Windows lovers, this means that their favorite operating system is now portable.

Three phone makers will incorporate the new operating system, and those are the more high-brow brands of HTC and Samsung, as well as Nokia. As far as which service providers will carry the Microsoft phones, not much is known; however it is speculated that AT&T will carry both the HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus.

Samsung Focus and HTC Surround featuring Windows OS

As far as the operating system itself goes, Windows lovers can expect everything that they love about the system in the palm of their hand. The phone is fun and extremely easy to use, and can handle way more than simple functions like searching on or finding a phone number through

The interface is broken up into six hubs for easy navigation, and the predominate focuses are on People, Pictures, Media, Marketplace, Microsoft Office, and Games.

Windows Phone 7 User Interface

Facebook is very easy to use on the interface, but the Twitter integration could still use some work. The photo and media hub is very similar to Zune which is nice because it allows users the ability to sync their phone content with that of their computer. For gamers, the integration of Xbox Live makes the Windows phones an exciting new addition to the smartphone market.

Like Android, the Windows user interface is also highly customizable so that you can have what you want at your fingertips at all times.
But perhaps the biggest accolade that can be given to the Windows series of phones is that they don’t come across as an iPhone knock-off. They truly have their own unique interface, and are capable of giving each user a unique experience.

we love windows phone

Whether or not Microsoft will be able to succeed with its Windows phones will be another story. While many reviews have given Windows phones high marks, the late entry into the market has many worried that they won’t stay around. So if you are a die hard Windows fan, show your support and get a smartphone that you can sync with your computer – get a Windows phone.

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  • Arthur G Reply

    I’m currently an Android user, although I have some frustrations with it… I’ve tried iPhone before also.
    I really consider changing to some Windows operated phone. I just hope I don’t get disappointed with it.

  • Gameey Reply

    The interface looks pretty simple and easy to use. I like that. But Im still not giving up on my iphone.

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