Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer – Who Has The Best Commercial?

This will be a blog post series about internet browsers that will cover everything you need (and don’t need) to know about most popular internet browsers. Amongst other things that will be covered are reviews, comparing browsers, tips and tricks, recommendations and more stuff. So let’s start with today’s first post in this series.

I think we all know how much good advertising can help to make more people use the product that is promoted. Although, it’s not only good advertising that is enough for best quality of internet browser, I wanted to make a little comparision between the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer video commercials. First of all I must say they are all great. I couldn’t decide which is the best so I posted all of them here. That way, you can see for yourself and share what you think about these commercials with others. But hey, don’t think that if one of these has the best commercial, that they also have the best or fastest internet browser. I will write another post i this series that will cover all cons and pros of these internet browsers (and I will include Apple’s Safari and Opera too).

But now let’s see which of the internet browsers has the best commercial (I did not add Opera and Safari commercials because I could not find their commercials but if you find one, please add it to comments so I can update post and add it here on the list).

Microsoft Internet Explorer Commercial

Mozilla Firefox Commercial

Google Chrome Commercial

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5 Responses
  • Bash Bosh Reply

    I specially like this Chrome commercial!
    Very quality and yet very simple…. good work!

  • web development Duba Reply

    I haven’t seen any major issues or differences in the rendering of web pages
    Yes being a developer my first reaction was like Oh no not another browser and thats where I read somewhere in chrome’s website that if your website runs on safari 3.1, it will work fine on chrome
    big relief :)
    This is nice place you got here Brandon, I like your designs :)

  • Chester Ayala Reply

    Maybe in the Future there is more Faster Changes on Browsers Well for me I Think IE is still good for me. Because it comes with Microsoft.

    But Mozilla has Tools that can Bypass something like Surveys, and it can Speed up by Hacking on the Settings

    By the Way is DAP/Download Accelerator Plus a Internet Browser or Not.


  • Nirav Shah Reply

    Firefox plugins are good compared to any other browser.
    But chrome is fast that all other browsers.
    but people stick to that which they feel better .
    It depends upon their use and nature of work

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