Video: Microsoft CES 2009 Keynote – Ballmer Kicks Off

As I was writing earlier posts on this blog, talking about various cool new stuff that will be released at CES this year… Well the day of opening CES finally came. And guess what? Yes. It started with Microsoft’s keynote, but this time instead of Bill Gates, the new CEO of Microsoft – Steve Ballmer gave the speech.

In this video (below), Ballmer talked about Microsoft’s success in the past (I don’t think he was talking about last year) and for all these 20 years or so. After that history lesson, he introduced the new Windows 7 operating system and he said that it will be available for download starting from 9th January, as I wrote in the post before this one… (I hope you succeeded and used the chance to get your copy of Windows 7 beta).

He talked about some new cool features that Windows 7 will have (like support for touch screen), there were some live demonstrations too. He also talked about Windows Mobile and the pre-installed flash in new phones from now on… (allowing you to watch youtube). There was some talk about Xbox gaming console and it’s connected entertainment too.

I can’t wait to try some of the stuff that will be released in these 4 days at CES, like these awesome virtual reality video Sunglasses, or even the world’s first 3G touchscreen watch phone. But that’s still to come…

You can see how Steve Ballmer is excited about it too :D


And here’s a video of Ballmer’s keynote that opened the CES 2009 and presented the new Windows 7 and it’s features:

[tip]To be able to watch this video, you will need to install Microsoft Silverlight. (Don’t worry it’s fast and easy). If your internet browser does not install it automatically, you can install the Silverlight here from Microsoft’s website.[/tip]

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