Make a Beautiful Facebook Timeline Video of Your Life

Have you ever thought about what your life would look like, if you could see it flash before your eyes in less than two minutes? How about a video of your life events, taking you from the very beginning, and all through to this current day?

A free online tool called Facebook Timeline Movie Maker makes it easy for you to create that video with just a couple of clicks.

Timeline Movie Maker creates a movie highlighting moments from your Facebook timeline.

Of course, whether this video will be a good enough representation of your life events depends on whether you have added all those important events on your Facebook timeline.

Why? And how does it work?

Because this video maker simply uses your Facebook timeline and grabs all the pictures, videos and statuses out of it, and features them in one short but cool video which is automatically generated for you.

Even if you didn’t add any life events to your timeline (and understandably so), it’s still worth a try, since it will use whatever photos, videos and statuses it can find and still make something cool out of it.

Screenshot of facebook timeline movie maker

The web app is easy to use and it’s pretty straightforward, as you can see from the screenshot above (hey, there’s only one big green button you need to click).

After you click on “Make Your Movie”, it will ask you to grant it permission to connect to your Facebook profile, as apps usually do. After you accept, it will start performing its magic and creating the video for you.

making your timeline movie

You will see a progress bar as the one on the image above, and at this phase you might need a bit of patience, since it may take anywhere from 1 to 6 minutes to finish, depending on the size (or length) of your Facebook timeline.

share your timeline video

Background music

Finally, when the timeline movie is created successfully, it will give you an option to choose the background music that will be playing throughout it. You can choose from five different types of music: Original, Nostalgic, Cinematic, Romantic and Playful. Unfortunately, you can’t add your custom sounds, but the ones offered are pretty nice.

Share the video with your friends

Sharing is (of course) also easy to do. The only thing I don’t like about using the “share” tool is if you share it, for example, with your Facebook friends, only the text link to the site of Timeline Movie Maker will be displayed on your Facebook wall. It doesn’t even look like what you shared is actually a video. I hope they fix that soon.

Here is what your finished video will look like

It’s a fun tool, and it’s worth a try, since it doesn’t require anything else but a click or two from your part. What you get is a cool-looking movie of your Facebook Timeline with nice music playing in the background to add a bit of dramatic style to all of it.

How to customize your Timeline Movie Maker video

The author of the featured video below is Johni Louise, who was kind enough to take the time to go over Timeline Movie Maker in a video tutorial. She shows you how to choose some of the photos that will be featured in the video you create.

Update: Unfortunately, since Facebook made changes to their design, this service doesn’t work anymore.

You can create your own timeline video now by visiting (homepage link) Facebook Timeline Movie Maker, and share your thoughts on it below in the comments.

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