Login With Multiple Accounts On Same Website Simultaneously

This one is a huge time saver - if you have two email accounts, and would like to be able to see your inbox on both, without needing to log out from one, to log in to another.

I said two accounts, but no it’s not limited to two accounts only. You can open as many accounts as you want, on the same site, all at once.

The same applies to all membership websites. You can access multiple accounts at the same time, on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hotmail… whatever.

I bet you knew how to do this by using different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE…), and keeping them running all at once. But that just eats up your RAM memory, and makes your desktop look clogged. So no, we’re not going to use that method.

There are three ways to accomplish this. It all depends on which browser you want to use. You will see all three covered here, step by step, as always.

Use Firefox To Login With Multiple Accounts On Same Site

Firefox is famous for its extensions and add-ons, so you guessed it. You need to install a Firefox add-on which will help you do this.

Click to Install CookiePie Firefox Extension (Firefox users only)

It’s fairly easy to use. After you’ve installed it and restarted Firefox, just login to Twitter (for example). Then open a new tab and right click on it. Then find the “Toggle On/Off CookiePie” option and click on it to start the extension.

You can see that a cookie appeared on the right side of the tab, which means you can type-in Twitter url, and then Twitter will ask you to login again. But this time you can do it with different account. The image below explains it all.

If you want to see all of this put to action, check out this video below.

Couple of things to consider when using CookiePie Firefox extension:

- Gmail has recently implemented tougher security to its service, so it is aware about other connections in other tabs or windows. Which means this extension, unfortunately, won’t work when using Gmail. Huge disappointment, I know. But developers of the CookiePie are trying to fix this.

- It also runs on Flock/GNU IceWeasel.

Use Google Chrome To Login With Multiple Accounts On Same Site

This one is a well known feature of Google Chrome, but in case you did not know about it…

Google Chrome comes with the “Incognito mode”, also known as “Private mode”, which allows you to login to two different instances of the same website.

1. Login to desired website in Google Chrome.

2. Click on the Tools icon (top right corner) and in the menu, select “New Incognito Window“. Or even easier method is to use a keyboard shortcut. Press Ctrl+Shift+N to open a new Incognito Window.

3. Go to the same website and you should now be able to login with another user account.

Use Internet Explorer 8 To Login With Multiple Accounts On Same Website

This is also one of the features that is only available in Internet Explorer 8.

IE 8 is packed with a “New Session” mode that allows you to start a new window with a brand new session.

1. Open IE8, go to desired website and login with your first account.

2. Then Go to File –> New Session. This will open a new window. Navigate to the same site and you should be able to login with your other account.

I wouldn’t go for this method, since it’s almost same as if you opened two different browsers and logged in to your accounts. Because IE 8 will also open a new window…

And that should be all!

If you know some additional methods for any of these browsers, share them with us in the comments.

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  • Ed Reply

    whoa awesome site great design. and tons of good content. cool thanks

  • gifer Reply

    thanks…good post…this will help me to save my time a lot :P

  • Poonam Reply

    Nice steps to login from different account …it saves time a lot rather than logout from one and login to other one

  • Mike Reply

    Be careful. It causes Yahoo to request login screens again when going into mailbox and keeps repeating. Unloading the cookie fixes this but it was frustrating not able to access Yahoo mail for a week until I worked out what was cause.

  • Kevin @ Greenville Computer Repair Reply

    I can’t help but wonder if there wouldn’t be some kind of security vulnerability with this. Where does it store the account information and how does it store it?

    • Dennis Reply

      There is no security vulnerability when logging in with multiple accounts on same site as stated here.
      That’s because of the cookie sessions. If you delete your cookies, you are recognized as a new user on that site. That’s how it all works.

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