List Of Major Features For Each Windows 7 Version (SKU)

windows-7-skuAs you know, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 7 in different versions (SKU’s) that are targeted towards different types of users. Just like Windows Vista had those Premium, Business, Ultimate, etc… packages, same goes for Windows 7. But until recently, it wasn’t revealed which features will be included on each of these Windows 7 versions (SKU).

Despite much criticism, Microsoft is sticking to the 3 concurrent program limit for Windows 7 Starter. Major differences between Home Premium and Professional include the ability to join a domain, host a remote desktop session, encrypt files, and do an advanced backup. Windows 7 Ultimate will basically be Windows 7 Enterprise but for personal use.

Oh, and before you see the features, I’m sure some of you are asking what does SKU means? (it’s used in the header of this post too). SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. Generally products (even software) have unique SKU codes so that the manufacturer and vendors can keep track of products.

Below you can see which features will be included for every version of Windows 7 (SKU)

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