Is Obama President? Says YES!

senator-barack-obamaA lot of people are asking the question “Is Obama president?” these days. Many of them are living out of US and don’t really know did inauguration happened already and is Barack Obama actually president.

And I can’t believe that someone (maybe Obama himself ordered) made a website that is answering only that single question. That’s all, just to say YES, no other pages, no other content… Just Yes in the face of millions of people who keep asking! Maybe someone was sick of all those searches through Google and other search engines where people keep asking if Obama became president already.

But anyhow, this website is very popular these days, apparently because many people still don’t know if Obama is president. So I just wanted to help those that keep asking this question. That’s why website’s domain name is in the first place… It answers question, and has a counter where you can see how much time passed since Obama became president of the USA.

Well, that’s the website where you should go to see if Barack Obama is president already.

And stop asking that question again will ya? :D


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  • Joe Mason Reply

    Barack Obama is the best democrat president in my opinion. he makes the best judgment and foreign policies…

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