How To Enable Full-Screen View On Apple Keynote Event Videos

The New iPad (or iPad 3?) has been introduced yesterday at the Apple iPad special event. There wasn’t an official live streaming video of the Apple’s keynote.

However, right after the event, Apple has published the full video at their official website, and it is now available for viewing to everyone. If you already went to Apple’s website and tried to watch it, you must have noticed that, annoyingly,  you can’t play it in full screen mode.

apple invite for ipad 3

As soon as I’ve seen that, I just couldn’t watch it like that. I simply don’t want to watch a video that is hour-long and must be watched in a windowed mode in a browser. I had to find a way to watch it in full screen, and waiting for it to be available on YouTube wasn’t an option (I mean, hey, it’s the NEW iPad we’re talking about here!).

Note: Although I wrote this specifically for the Apple iPad HD Event, March 7th, this will work for all official keynote videos on Apple’s website, from before, and in the future.

Here’s how, in 6 easy steps:

1. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go ahead and download the Apple’s free QuickTime media player. You can’t watch the Apple’s keynote video without it at all. Not even in windowed mode.

2. Open the Apple’s webpage where the keynote video is located –> right here.

3. Right-click anywhere on the page and then choose “View Page Source” (as shown below).

view page source menu

A new window should now pop-up with all the webpage source code. The specific part that we need is highlighted in the screenshot below.

apple new ipad keynote event video full screen

4. Copy only the URL part of that code (it’s in between single quotation marks, starting with “http://…”)
For this specific video, the URL you need is: ““.

5. Open the Apple QuickTime player and in the upper left corner, click on “File“, and then choose “Open URL“, as shown below.

open url apple quicktime

A window, like the one below, should pop up.

enter video url apple quicktime

6. In the text-box, you just need to paste the URL that we copied from the page source (step 5 above). Click “OK“, and the Apple’s keynote video will start playing. Now just hold CTRL + F on your keyboard, to enter the full-screen.

Enjoy watching the Apple Special Event Keynote Video in Full-Screen mode!

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4 Responses
  • Pressa Reply

    Oh I never thought on this, thanks for the hack for full screen mate!

  • Richard Reply

    Great tip. Too bad it’s not working for me, tried to use it on Sept. 12 iPhone 5 keynote… Quicktime just won’t open “”

    • Dennis Reply

      Yeah, I noticed that. It seems that Apple changed the way they video stream their keynotes this time. It worked for iPad event. It’s a shame really.

  • David Reply

    Now you have to click on a reference link to a javascript file listing all URLs.
    The specific hyperlink URL is,
    that’s the first link below the standard Apple and Quicktime implementations and the second last reference from the bottom of the header ;)

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