How To Restore All Default Settings On Mozilla Firefox

restore-firefox-settings-defaultRecently when I wrote a post about 3 Hacks for Firefox That Will Double Your Internet Browsing Speed that post went amazingly popular and hit front pages of several popular websites and blogs. After many people tried those hacks, they were impressed with improved Internet browsing speed using Firefox.

But some of them asked me how to restore all default settings on Firefox, just in case something goes wrong.

Instead of replying to many emails that I received, I decided that it’s much better if I write a post that lets you know how to restore those settings as they originally were.

Some of the people that had that problem even tried to reinstall Firefox but their settings left unchanged. That’s because Firefox stores all modified settings in a folder, categorized by user profiles and even when you uninstall Firefox, that folder stays intact. So the fix to this is to go to that folder and solve the problem right? Right! It’s simple and easy.

The way how you do this depends if you use Windows or Mac OS X.
Before you do any of this, make sure you exit (close) Firefox. (OS X – No little dot underneath the Firefox icon in the dock)

How to restore Firefox settings on Windows:

1. Click on ‘My Computer’.

2. Go to the ‘Tools’ tab near the top and choose ‘Folder Options’.

3. In the ‘Folder Options’ panel, click on the ‘View’ tab.

4. Go down the list until you see an option or button for “Show Hidden Folders” – its not that far down at all.

5. Click the button to show hidden folders and then Click OK at the bottom.

6. Now, go back to My Computer and click on the C: Drive (Or whatever drive where you have installed Windows on it).

7. Open ‘Documents and Settings’ folder

8. Open the folder named after your Windows account username. There will be more than one folder but its none of the greyed out folders nor the ‘All Users’ folder.

9. Now open the greyed out folder called ‘Application Data’.

10. Open the folder called “Mozilla”

11. Open the folder called “Firefox”

12. Go into the folder called “Profiles”

13. Drag the folder located there to the desktop.

14. Now close the folders and run Firefox – it will all be at factory default.

If you want to undo this, delete the new profile in the profiles directory and replace the profile that you moved to the desktop (following instructions above) back to to Profiles directory. Make sure Firefox is not running when you mess with these folders.

How to restore Firefox settings on Mac OS X:

1. Go into your Home folder – Click the folder on the sidebar next to your name – its the one with a little picture of a house next to it.

2. Go into the Library folder.

3. Go into the Application Support folder.

4. Go into the Firefox folder.

5. Go into the Profiles folder.

6. Move the profile to the desktop

7. Run Firefox and it will be restored back to the original settings as it was before.

To restore all this back, just delete the new profile in the Profiles folder and put the profile you have moved to desktop back into the profiles folder again. And again, make sure Firefox is not running when you mess with these folders.

There you go! If you have some problems restoring Firefox to default settings, let me know below in the comments. Enjoy!

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