How To Get Windows Live Messenger Back After Updating to Skype

Are you one of those who can’t seem to get used to forced transition from Windows Live Messenger to Skype? You’re certainly not the only one. Many people seem to be upset with being forced to use the new Skype chatting feature, and want to downgrade to Windows Live Messenger, instead.

wlm vs skype logoMicrosoft merged these two platforms, but as you probably noticed, they didn’t make the transition as smooth and painless as possible. There are still problems with importing contacts from Windows Live Messenger to your Skype account, and many other annoying glitches and disadvantages.

If you have received something like the following message when trying to sign in to WLM, then you have been forcefully made to update to using Skype:

A newer version has been downloaded and is available. You must install this newer version in order to continue.  Would you like to do this now?

Windows Live Messenger Forced Update to Skype

So, how do we get our precious Windows Live Messenger back?

Whether your Windows Live Messenger has been removed due to upgrade to Skype, or you didn’t have MSN installed in the first place, but would like to do it now, here’s how to do it.

Jonathan Kay, a former Microsoft MVP, has created a small Windows application that will literally revive your Windows Live Messenger. That’s the reason behinf its name – Messenger Reviver. It is fairly easy to use. Let’s see all the steps:

1. Download the Messenger Reviver utility by clicking here.

2. Run the file you downloaded. When you try to run the file, it may give you a warning about the “uknown publisher” (image below), but no worries, it’s ok. Just click “Run”.

Security warning when opening a file

3. If you already have Messenger installed, and you are trying to revive it, this (below) is the window you’ll see. Just click on “Start”, and be patient until the Messenger comes back from dead. After the process is finished, you should see your old WLM login window (step 4 below).

Revive the old MSN

3.1. If, however, you didn’t have Windows Live Messenger istalled at all, you will see the following window, asking you to choose which version of it you would like to be installed on your computer. Choose whichever you prefer, and click on it. The installation process will begin, and it might take a while, so don’t panic. Just go grab some coffee or something until it finishes installing.

Messenger Reviver Utility

4. After the reviving/installation process is completed, you can now see the good old “Sign in to Messenger” window.

Windows Live Messenger login window

5. And finally, here we go. The Windows Live Messenger is back and works  like a charm! (without the need for Skype)

Bring the old MSN back

One last thing to remember is that using WLM in this way will work until next year (2014) in March. That is when Microsoft will pull the plug on Windows Live Messenger and leave it to die without users. Brutal, I know.

So, chat as much as you can until the next year and don’t worry, we will probably find some other workaround by then and write about it here. Stay tuned.

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