How To Find Most Retweeted Tweet of Any Twitter Account

Have you ever wondered which of your tweets has had the largest number of retweets? Or, to put it in a more general way – which of your Twitter updates have been shared the most? How about your competitors, or even some of your favorite celebrities?

The count of retweets your tweet gets is the best indicator of how popular it turned out to be among your followers. After all, it tells you how many people were willing to share your message with their followers. It comes very useful to know this, because you can see tweets that get retweeted the most, which tells you what type of tweets people like the most, and therefore, you can find out what makes a certain tweet popular.

There are more than a few Twitter tools that can give you different kinds of data about your twitter account, but I’ve found this one to be extremely simple and straightforward. It has one goal – to help you find out the most retweeted tweets of any account you’re curious about.

See top 10 tweets ordered by the number of retweets

MyTopTweet by TwitSprout is a free web app that will rank the top 10 tweets of any Twitter account by number of times they were shared (retweeted).

mytoptweets twitter tool

There’s no need to download anything, since it’s a web app. That’s exactly why Cloud Computing is so useful. No need to register or sign-up either. You simply sign-in with your Twitter account. Sweet, isn’t it?

After you authorize the app to log-in through your Twitter account, you will see a text field where you simply enter a Twitter handle (Twitter username with ‘@’) of an account you wish to analyze. After you click on “Find Top Tweet“, the app will perform its magic.

most shared updates of my twitter account

What it does is, it provides you the tweet analytics of the account you enter, and displays the best retweeted tweets, or the most shared tweets out of their 3200 most recent ones. It tells you how many times a tweet has been favorited, but that doesn’t influence the rank here.

As an example, let’s see the most popular tweets of one Twitter account that I, by the way, recommend. No, it’s not mine (although, I do recommend you follow that one too). @GoogleFacts – it shares shocking facts that you probably didn’t know before. It isn’t actually affiliated with Google, but the facts are real, and did I mention they are quite shocking as well?

Here’s their most popular one, with a staggering number of shares:

The most retweeted tweets of GoogleFacts

To see what’s your most retweeted tweet on Twitter, go ahead and visit MyTopTweet.

Also, if you know any other tools that provide information about your Twitter account, share them with everyone in the comments below.

Oh, and if you’re not very familiar with all these things, you should read this quick explanation of Twitter and how it works.

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  • Jennifer Reply

    Hi, Well let me start off with I’m an artist. I recently decided to join Twitter.I have not yet only because to be honest I’m not sure how it truly works.I’d love to advertise and market myself,I work from home .I’m new at taking on the 1st steps of trying to create my own successful business ,but you wouldn’t believe that if you were to see my work.I’m self taught and to get to the point I’ve taught myself by painting art that have original artists.And there for I don’t want to be sued or make trouble for myself for just learning from the artists who have inspired me to paint such amazing beautiful art. Question is ;Is there a way to protect myself from such problems?? I really feel that this is a very delicate matter,and I really would enjoy signing up on Twitter .ANY ADVICE PLEASE>….

  • Jennifer Reply

    To whom it may concern, I want to make aware , that none of the art I have painted has been for any other reasons other than learning and understanding art itself .It’s only to better my own creativity with knowledge of the great artists who have Inspired me along the way to do so .Now that I’m ready to make my art known ,and create a business for myself I would like to join Twitter and put my creations out there for all to see. My question is how do I protect myself from others who may want to sabotage my talent? For example the name I create for my business,and also protect my art from others that want my art to call their own. Is there a way to protect what I post on Twitter?

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