How Many Times Has Firefox Been Downloaded?

firefox-downloads-counterI’m sure you have heard that a while ago, Mozilla Firefox reached unbelievable one billion downloads! That is an amazing milestone for a web browser. But that could have also been expected since Firefox is an excellent browser and so many people are using it, and even many are switching to it from IE and so on…

That’s why I have some interesting site to share with you today. If you ever wondered how is it like to watch a counter that counts every single download in real time. And in this case, it counts downloads of Firefox.

So how many times has Firefox been downloaded? Yeah, it’s over billion and it’s great feeling when you see the numbers ticking in real time! Click here to go to live counter of Firefox downloads.

So this will kind of help you to understand (if you did not already) just how Firefox is successful as a browser and how much it’s growing on the market. Mozilla even made a special website that to┬ámark the occasion and demonstrate just how large one billion really is.

My opinion is that these numbers are definitely deserved for Firefox!

And if you didn’t already, then I would really and honestly recommend you to go ahead and download Firefox so you can start enjoying the better and safer web, today!

Now something for those who already use Firefox – Did you know that you can make your internet browsing speed double time faster with these 3 hacks that you can apply on Firefox? See for yourself and enjoy the great speed!

Oh, and for big fans of Firefox – don’t forget to check out these 80 High Quality Mozilla Firefox Wallpapers. You might find one that you really enjoy!

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  • Bash Bosh Reply

    Official Worldwide real-time firefox download counter:

  • HDFC Credit Card Reply

    This is amazing that firefox has been downloaded for so many times.
    Now a day I am facing a problem with firefox, it loads very slow at the time of first starting.
    do you think anything can be done regarding this?

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