Inside The Google Office – Video and Photo Tour

google-officeGoogle is search engine that serves to 100+ million people monthly. It is the biggest and has the most authority of all major search engines. (Yahoo, Live, Ask…) For many websites, Google is the most important factor of their success. If your website is on the first page of Google for your targeted keyword, then your website is at the top of the world. (yes, it’s true).

And we see many new features and online apps (like some Gmail apps) created by Google daily. But where do they make those apps? Where does all magic happens? How does Google’s office look like?

Here is a video tour that will help you feel, and in the same time, enjoy Google’s offices located in New York City, although they have many offices throughout the world. I am almost sure that after watching this video, you will wish (if you didn’t already) to work at Google.

I know… You’re impressed…

But now look at these photos of newly opened Google’s offices in Zurich, Switzerland:

As you can see, there is plenty entertainment going on… Weird? Not for Google (and some other companies too) . Because they know that relaxation and entertainment pull much more creativity. I mean, they work too, even it is not somewhat shown in the photos above.

But note that these people are highly selected and chosen from many experts that would love to work there… (who wouldn’t?). That’s why they are getting so much attention and that’s why they are given that time to relax and entertain. They are very creative and new ideas pop in when they relax (no wonder why Google Apps are so innovative). As you might know from your own experience. For example, many ideas come to us while taking a shower or doing other relaxing activities.

I just wanted to say this – Creativity is as important as work, if not more in some situations… (and Google keeps proving that to the world)

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  • JohnDB Reply

    Wow! I would love to work there!!! What a great environment they have… Simply amazing!

  • Bash Bosh Reply

    Very nice working environment!
    Google simply rules :)

  • Yellow SEO Reply

    I wonder who’s there interior designer.

  • Madeline Reply

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  • Mason Reply

    This blog kicks ass! I definetly like to drop in and read once or twice a week.

  • Benjamin Reply

    Anybody know if I wanted to bookmark this post do I have to join Furl first?

  • Rayhan Chowdhury Reply

    Its really great to work at such a nice environment, cool!

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