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Search Engines (or should I better say Google) – The most important factor that differs highly successful websites that receive tons of traffic every day from the burried websites that get only a glimpse of that Google sunlight which obviously isn’t enough for survival in this cruel world called ‘Internet’ where search engines rule. (I can’t believe I just wrote that :)

There are many online apps which analyze your website and tell you what is bad for search engine rankings and what search engines don’t like.

Many of these tools have some main disadvantages and lack accuracy. Most of them will give you free account but they will be accurate and useful only if you buy premium account. But finally, there is one amazing online application that will grant you full accuracy and prove very useful and most important, it is free!

Raven SEO Tools Suite

I was impressed when I saw this amazing SEO tool in action. First I must say, I like that appealing and yet simple and easy website design. (That was my first impression). This website requires you to register an account in order to run detailed reports about your website (it’s free!). The good thing is that when you apply for new account, you don’t need to go through those boring email verifications. Just register and you’re automatically logged in.You then choose your default domain name (your or competitor’s website) and fill in profile name.

After you do that – this is what you see when you log in to your account:


As you can see the control panel is very simple and easy to navigate.

And here is an overview of Raven SEO Tools available options(tabs in image above) and what can they do for you:

1. Analyzers: there are different sections inside analyzers like Quality Analyzer (rates your website within a 100 point meter), Design Analyzer (it matters a lot) and Keyword Analyzer (relevancy test). They have also added some features and applications like Wordtracker, SeoDigger, and AdWord Research so that you can get everything in one place.


2. Links: This is undoubtedly a great solution. Here you can track how many link requests you have sent and how many you have got. If you use reciprocal linking, this can be a good tracking solution. By the way, they also have a toolbar to manage everything in one click.


3. Content: Offers you an option to manage your website or blog via Raven SEO Tools. By adding username and password from your blog (e.g. WordPress or Blogger) you can add posts and write content from their panel.


4. SERP tracker: If I had to pick a favorite feature, it would be this one. They automatically run a report once a week according to your selected keywords and search engines and telling you how your website rank for slected keywords. There is an option to upload csv file with list of desired keywords that you want to track rankings for. Results can be displayed graphically like charts  No need to manually check ranking for a specific keyword in Google or other search engine now.


5. Analytics: (Upgraded account required) Track your website’s performance and conversions. If you want more in depth report, try using Google Analytics. (It’s free!)


6. Reports: It has some cool features like managing link campaign, SERP (stands for – Search Engine Results Pages) tracker or even SERP tracker for your competitors for a selected date range. Nice one!


You can visit Raven SEO Tools by clicking here

I find this tool really useful and I wanted to share it with you. I am not in any affiliate relations with Raven SEO Tools.

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Enjoy! And please don’t forget to share this post if you like it.

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    WOW, Nice tool, I will try it for sure :)

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    I’ll try this one but actually I have negative impression about SEO tools.

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    I had negative impression with all tools that do similar job like this one. But when I actually tested it… I was surprised how good it is. Very different from the other of the same kind…

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    That looks like an interesting tool! I’ll have to go and check i tout!

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    I was reluctant all these days to try a tool like this but will try this time.

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    Guys, I need to rank my website on Google. I hear that cracked Google rankings. Is this true?

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    I keep listening to the news speak about getting free online grant applications so I have been looking around for the best site to get one.

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