Firefox 3.5 RC1 Is Now Available for Download!

mozilla-firefox-3-5A couple of days ago Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5 preview build, that was availble only to Firefox developers so they could test it and repair many bugs that they encountered. That was also a sign that Firefox 3.5 RC1 will soon be out and freely available for download to all users. And finally the day came and as of today Mozilla made the download of Firefox 3.5 RC ready and publicily available to all internet users.

You should know that a release candidate version is better than the beta (meaning, it’s been tested more and is more stable), but it is still not the final version, which will probably be available soon. That being said, installation is recommended only to those who want to know earlier what the next final version of Firefox will offer.

Also, have in mind that installing Firefox 3.5 RC1 will overwrite your previous version of Firefox which means your bookmarks and history will not be lost, but don’t be surprised if some of your add-ons or plugins don’t work.

And here are some of the main fetaures of Firefox 3.5 RC1:

Download Firefox 3.5 RC1 From Mozilla’s Official Page

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