Find Images by Exact Dimensions, File Type or From Specific Website

Are you sick of Google’s limit for Image Search filtering results by small, medium, large, and extra large sizes? Sometimes you just need exact dimensions for your desktop wallpaper or for your design project, and it is so hard to find image with that size by filtering only by small, medium, large, and extra large image sizes.

Here’s a simple trick that will help you with your image searching so much that you will find all desired image sizes, specific image formats (png, jpg, gif, etc…) and even filter results to show images only from specific website that you prefer, all by using only Google Image Search. This was one of the most useful tricks I’ve ever learned about searching images for my specific needs on Google.

One of the hidden features of Google image search is option to set specific image size to search for. For example, instead of choosing very general small or large image size, you can set image size in pixels 256×256 or 1920×1200. You can also specify required image type: png, jpg or gif, or even set parameter so it displays images only from deviantART.

Find Images by Exact Dimensions:

You can do this by typing the “imagesize:” parameter before your desired keyword that you search for.

For example:

[imagesize:640x480 muffin] finds 640px x 480px images related to muffins.

[imagesize:256x256 firefox] finds 256px x 256px images related to Firefox – useful if you want to find some cool Firefox icons.

Here’s what I found for “firefox” (click on image to enlarge)


Show Images Only From Specific Website:

You can do that by typing “site:” before searched keyword and it will display all images related to that keyword only from that site that you specified.

For example:

[ porsche] finds all images related to “porsche” keyword only from


Find Images by Specific File Type:

You can even specify only one file type to search for. Like PNG or JPG…Just type “filetype:” parameter before the searched keyword.

For example:

[filetype:jpg iphone] finds all JPG images that are related to iPhone.


For the best and most specific results you can combine all 3 tricks from above to find the perfect image match.

For example:

Let’s specify exact image size, file type and set it to display images only from

[imagesize:1920x1080 filetype:jpg art] – Finds all images that are JPG by file type, 1920×1080 pixels in size and only from website.

Now you see how powerful and cool this trick is. You can combine these tricks in many combinations. Try removing site filter for more results. Go and play with these tricks a little and you’ll see how customized your image search from now on will be. Now you can have a perfect fitting wallpaper for your monitor screen resolution. Enjoy!

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