Download Free ZoneAlarm 9.1 Firewall Fully Compatible With Windows 7

ZoneAlarm for Windows 7 compatibleHere’s a great freebie for you. I don’t know whether you heard it or not, but the new version of Zone Alarm has been released on November 24. And it is now available free for download.

It is kind of strange though, that the official announcement of the release hasn’t yet spread fully over the net. Even the link to download the latest version of ZoneAlarm on their official website leads to a page at where you can download only version 8 (I hope they will fix that soon).

It seems that the news about the new version of ZoneAlarm¬†doesn’t seem to have got past the ZoneAlarm forum…Yet. But who cares. You can download it right now and enjoy the internet security that this famous firewall provides.

So what are the major changes and add-ons in the latest version of ZoneAlarm (9.1)?

1. One of the most important things is that this version of ZoneAlarm is now fully compatible with Windows 7.¬†That means you can relax and don’t need to worry whether it will crash your system or cause any conflicts with other installed software on your computer (which could, yet again, lead to system failure).

2. There is a new browser security toolbar included with installation. This is helpful if you happen to go to some malicious website that tries to install some kind of malware on your pc. But I also think this browser toolbar will suck in additional RAM memory and if you have many add-ons installed (Firefox anybody?), then it could become pretty messy. (but only for those with less RAM capacity)

So let’s sum up the features that this ZoneAlarm Browser Toolbar has:

- Spy site detection
- Signature and heuristic phishing detection
- Website safety check and rating (pretty useful)

That’s it! Here’s the link to official download page of ZoneAlarm 9.1 where direct download is available.

Download ZoneAlarm 9.1 Windows 7 compatible.

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3 Responses
  • Michael Reply

    Right on time! I just installed Windows 7 and I needed some kind of Firewall that won’t crash my windows.


  • Pavan Somu Reply

    Thanks for the link. Wanna have this for blocking proxy in my office.

  • Bart Reply

    I downloaded ZA Firewall today and It was nothing but problems: install hang-ups, frozen registry loading, etfc. As soon as I saw all of the problems that it caused on a new, excellently running laptop, I uninstalled immediately. That do was fun time, as it would completely uninistall and I had to download the ‘official’ removal tool frp ZA…. Now I can’t do a system restore or get online- not Internet. All the fourms highlight similar stories and I encourge all of you tell your friends ‘stay far away and for your enemies, tell them ‘ZA is even better than iPads!’ Get it today!!

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