Download Free Anti-Virus Software For Windows 7 Beta

If you downloaded Microsoft Windows 7 Beta, you probably need some antivirus software that is fully compatible with that version of Windows. (If you did not downloaded Windows 7 yet and still want to download it, then be aware that downloads will end on 10th of February, so hurry up) And if you already installed some anti-virus program, you might see some bugs and crashes occasionally. That’s because Windows 7 Beta is not fully compatible with many applications right now (I hope that will change with final version). So the anti virus software that you installed might have some conflicts with Windows 7.

That’s why Microsoft started to actively work with the security software providers and managed to get security software (antivirus) that is compatible with Windows 7 Beta. That’s good news, because when I installed the Beta version, I used it with my Kaspersky 2009 Internet Security, and although I must admit I rarely had conflicts with operating system, some problems still happened from time to time.

That’s why this is perfect solution for all Windows 7 Beta users. Plus it is free! Free antivirus software is available from Symantec, AVG (although AVG is always free) and Kaspersky. Below is the download link where you can get these for free.


All licenses of these anti-viruses will expire on the day when beta version of Windows 7 expires in August. As long as you can use the beta version of Windows, you can freely use this antivirus too.

Anti-Virus Solutions That Are Available:

Download link: Windows 7 Security Providers

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9 Responses
  • Bash Bosh Reply

    I use Nod32! Is it included to support new Windows btw?

  • GenniCe Reply

    No, Eset is not working with Microsoft on compatibility yet (I think they will in the near future). But you might try to use it, maybe it will have no conflicts with Windows 7 Beta.

  • roundaboutit Reply

    I use Avast and it seems to run fine. I DID try to install Antivir, but it crashed and wouldn’t start up at all.

    • GenniCe Reply

      It’s true, some antiviruses do not have problems with Win 7, but many of them have at least some little conflicts. That’s why Microsoft and these security software providers worked on new ones that are compatible with Windows 7 and do not have any problem.

  • PHPDug Social Poster Reply

    Thank you so much for this guide! Excellent one. I simply had to subscribe to your RSS.

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