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Have you ever wanted to make your Windows desktop cleaner and better organized and to still look better than other traditional desktops… That is nicely done in Mac OS X with OS X Dock where you can put icons that you frequently use and it really has some cool effects that make almost any desktop [...]

A huge list of the most important Windows 7 tips and tricks and a step-by-step guide that will help you apply all of them quickly and easily.

Here is something very original and cool for all Windows Vista users out there. If you are tired of old Vista visual style and want to crack things up a little bit, here’s a nice addition for your Windows Themes. This is really amazing Win Vista theme that I simply had to share with you. [...]

If you downloaded Microsoft Windows 7 Beta, you probably need some antivirus software that is fully compatible with that version of Windows. (If you did not downloaded Windows 7 yet and still want to download it, then be aware that downloads will end on 10th of February, so hurry up) And if you already installed [...]

Those of you who were able to get their hands on new Microsoft Windows 7 Beta surely have some good and bad opinions about it. (mostly good from my experience so far). One of the bad things about this Windows 7 Beta release that I often hear from people saying is the ‘Send Feedback‘ link [...]

It’s been a week now since Microsoft launched their new Windows 7 beta. Many people downloaded it, either because of curiosity or because they wanted to finally get rid of Vista. But as you know, this Windows 7 is Beta version. So it is for testing purposes, and there are many bugs that need to [...]

Windows 7 is a real eye candy. It looks awesome. I know many Windows XP users would like to make XP look like Windows 7 (that’s why you’re here, right?), because, either they don’t want to upgrade yet, or they can’t. If you have some crap PC (don’t worry, I know it’s only temporarily) or [...]

Did it happen to you sometimes, when you are in a big rush and want to do something fast on your computer but things don’t go so fast and smooth? It’s because of all those windows and applications opened on your desktop, and you want to minimize them, move them, close them and so on… [...]

If you are still using Windows XP or Vista, and you don’t want to transfer to Windows 7 just a little more time, then you’ll definitely like to, at least, spice up your desktop with these official and unofficial Windows 7 wallpapers. By many benchmarks, the new version of Windows has proven that it is [...]

The Startup speed of an operating system is really important thing for most of us. Some folks can tolerate their startup speed even if it is a bit (or way too) slow because they usually start their computer only once a day. But for those who constantly turn computers on and off (they exist believe [...]