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If you are upset with being forced to use the new Skype messenger, and want to downgrade to Windows Live Messenger, instead, you can do that in 2 minutes by reading this quick tutorial.

Microsoft launched a new Windows 7 online demo, where you can test drive many features of the latest version of Windows, without need to install it.

A workaround that will enable you to simply upgrade your Windows 7 RC to the final version, without need to install a clean copy and delete data.

Windows 7 displays this message even if program is installed correctly and it works 100%. This is why the sentence has a word “might” in it.

Here is a list of 22 Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts that I recommend and use daily. These are huge time savers.

From my experience, this tweak decreased the time to boot-up the system for about 9-10 seconds.

Here’s a great freebie. The latest version of Zone Alarm has been released and it is now available free for download.

Do you like how Windows 7 works? It’s way better than Vista right? I think we all agree at that point… Well today I have something that will prolong your joy of using Windows 7 for free from default 30 days, to amazing 120 days! I don’t talk about RC or Beta here, only final [...]

When you use Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7, you noticed that when you run it, and then minimize or close it, it does not go to Windows System Tray as it used to be in Windows XP or Vista. I know this is new Windows, but some things can still irritate and this is [...]

If you get annoyed by this little thingy on your desktop and you want your wallpaper to look great and without the ‘Build Info’ in bottom right side of your desktop, there is an easy fix for that problem. I have written before about removing watermark and ‘send feedback’ button from Windows 7 Beta version. [...]