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If you are regular Twitter user, then you probably had this situation at least once. When you try to tweet something, sometimes you need to use at least 1 or more characters to say it right so people can understand waht are you talking about, but you can’t because Twitter sets limit for all tweets [...]

Are you sick of Google’s limit for Image Search filtering results by small, medium, large, and extra large sizes? Sometimes you just need exact dimensions for your desktop wallpaper or for your design project, and it is so hard to find image with that size by filtering only by small, medium, large, and extra large [...]

Simple tweaks that will make your web browsing with Firefox 2-3 times faster and smoother. Extremely fast and easy to apply.

Those of you who were able to get their hands on new Microsoft Windows 7 Beta surely have some good and bad opinions about it. (mostly good from my experience so far). One of the bad things about this Windows 7 Beta release that I often hear from people saying is the ‘Send Feedback‘ link [...]

I suppose you’ve already heard about Twitter. The best way to stay tuned and connected with your friends online. Twitter is also famous for it’s plugins that enable users to send and receive Tweets from almost any application or website. A guy even managed to tweak his washing machine, see this post to see what [...]

It’s been a week now since Microsoft launched their new Windows 7 beta. Many people downloaded it, either because of curiosity or because they wanted to finally get rid of Vista. But as you know, this Windows 7 is Beta version. So it is for testing purposes, and there are many bugs that need to [...]

Windows 7 is a real eye candy. It looks awesome. I know many Windows XP users would like to make XP look like Windows 7 (that’s why you’re here, right?), because, either they don’t want to upgrade yet, or they can’t. If you have some crap PC (don’t worry, I know it’s only temporarily) or [...]

Did it happen to you sometimes, when you are in a big rush and want to do something fast on your computer but things don’t go so fast and smooth? It’s because of all those windows and applications opened on your desktop, and you want to minimize them, move them, close them and so on… [...]

Are you that kind of guy who often forgets to get his laundry when it has finished washing? Well, you are not alone. (if you are that type) This guy is just like you, but he was creative enough to find a solution. But remember this – creative solution. Apparently, this guy has managed to [...]

Search Engines (or should I better say Google) – The most important factor that differs highly successful websites that receive tons of traffic every day from the burried websites that get only a glimpse of that Google sunlight which obviously isn’t enough for survival in this cruel world called ‘Internet’ where search engines rule. (I [...]