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I do my best to have files on my PC neatly organized. And yet, when I ran this free software, during 3 minutes of scanning it found 1038 duplicate files on my system totaling 39 GBs of disk space.

You can access multiple accounts at the same time, on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hotmail… whatever.

A workaround that will enable you to simply upgrade your Windows 7 RC to the final version, without need to install a clean copy and delete data.

Windows 7 displays this message even if program is installed correctly and it works 100%. This is why the sentence has a word “might” in it.

This is just a quick tip for all Twitter addicts out there to save you some time when writing updates or tweets.

From my experience, this tweak decreased the time to boot-up the system for about 9-10 seconds.

I recently had about 12,000 comments waiting to be reviewed, approved or deleted, and it all looked like spam.

Everything works like a charm now! If you have similar problem with Firefox, then here is a quick fix.

If you ever thought about creating music by yourself, here’s your chance to see how well can you actually do it. It’s a great way to try, whether you are some kind of music artist or just a beginner and want to ‘see how it goes’ or if you just want to hear some beats [...]

I think Gmail is the best e-mail client available on the web. It’s better than most ‘premium’ e-mail clients that demand monthly payment or subscription. One of the great things in Gmail is of course Google’s Gmail Labs where many developers showcase and test their creative and useful gadgets. Amongst those you can find pretty [...]