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What do you think? How is it to earn for living just from blogging job? Only few bloggers will tell you that it’s good. But after you read this, you will be amazed the way I was when I first heard about this best blogging job in the whole world. So what’s it about? Apparently, [...]

Google is search engine that serves to 100+ million people monthly. It is the biggest and has the most authority of all major search engines. (Yahoo, Live, Ask…) For many websites, Google is the most important factor of their success. If your website is on the first page of Google for your targeted keyword, then [...]

As I was writing earlier posts on this blog, talking about various cool new stuff that will be released at CES this year… Well the day of opening CES finally came. And guess what? Yes. It started with Microsoft’s keynote, but this time instead of Bill Gates, the new CEO of Microsoft – Steve Ballmer [...]

Finally! So much expected day has arrived. So many of us wanted to get rid of the terrible, buggy, slow Windows Vista… And Microsoft finally said: “Let it be!” As you probably know many of leaked Windows 7 versions have been available for download from different torrent sites and other warez forums. (btw, that’s illegal). [...]

We all watched at elast one movie where these virtual reality glasses were one of the main trends and signs about how advanced technology will be in the ‘future’. I remember, I was amazed just when I thought of an idea to have a pair of these cool virtual reality glasses. But those movies aren’t [...]

Are you that kind of guy who often forgets to get his laundry when it has finished washing? Well, you are not alone. (if you are that type) This guy is just like you, but he was creative enough to find a solution. But remember this – creative solution. Apparently, this guy has managed to [...]

That’s it. We are in 2009 now. And I wish Happy New Year, greater success and happines to all of you. And now because we just entered this happy new year, it’s time to turn back and see what was popular and which websites have been visited by millions of people everyday. ComScore came out [...]

Amazon’s Kindle is counting it’s last days I think. Apparently Apple is going to launch an Ipod Touch (or Apple tablet as some call it) in fall 2009. Very interesting part is that the device will be much larger than iTouch or iPod and it will be some kind of combination of those. They didn’t [...]

We all know that Microsoft has had some good old times, (like when they launched Windows XP) but those times ended at the very first moment when users started to migrate from XP to Windows Vista. Everybody wanted to see what’s new in the new version of Windows and everyone was so excited. But all [...]

Last night, while I was surfing on the net, I saw some AMAZING photos taken by real artists. And the best and maybe the most important thing is that they are not edit by Photoshop or other simillar photo editing software. So I really had to share them with you and I will post them here so everyone can see them. It’s amazing how these so simple moments in life can be made in to real legends when snapped from the right angle. These are the wonder creations of photographers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference.