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Have you ever thought about what your life would look like, if you could see it flash before your eyes in less than two minutes? How about a video of your life events, taking you from the very beginning, and all through to this current day?

Microsoft launched a new Windows 7 online demo, where you can test drive many features of the latest version of Windows, without need to install it.

Some interesting points to notice on new design of the blog, and an interesting story about my new name.

Let’s see if I can find photos of the offices of all popular web companies and post them here. Until now, you had a chance to see How Google’s offices look like (video and photos), and also take a peek inside Digg’s offices and see where and how their people work. Today, we will see [...]

You have probably noticed that different kinds of people use different kinds of websites regularly. That’s just the way it is. For example, you can’t expect a serious business man to regularly use MySpace (except maybe for marketing, but that does not count as regularly). He would probably go to LinkedIn to find some like-minded [...]

Digg is one of the most popular social media websites on the web at the moment. I often visit Digg in search for some funny or interesting stuff and I’m also an active user there. If you’re on Digg too, you see my account here and add me to friends… Just because i spend a [...]

I’m sure you have heard that a while ago, Mozilla Firefox reached unbelievable one billion downloads! That is an amazing milestone for a web browser. But that could have also been expected since Firefox is an excellent browser and so many people are using it, and even many are switching to it from IE and [...]

First we got our hands to Beta version of new Windows 7  and that made some really good first impression on everyone. After a while Microsoft made the Release Candidate of Windows 7 available with some added functionalities and fixed bugs. That was enough to make us so eager to see and try the last [...]

Ok, as I plan to better organise this blog in near future (group posts by categories), I will try to make a category that will contain some great funny and geeky stuff that I’m sure all of you will like. So let this be one of the first posts that can be put in ‘Funny’ [...]

I’m sure everybody noticed this buzz around the new Google Chrome Operating System that Google introduced on their blog a few days ago. Soon after the announcement, some graphic designer made a blog just for this special occasion – to be able to share the leaked screenshots of Google Chrome OS in early beta with [...]