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If you did not install the new Windows 7 operating system that comes with included Internet Explorer 8 Beta but would still like to try new IE 8 then here’s a piece of good news for you. This afternoon, Internet Explorer General Manager Dean Hachamovitch has announced the immediate availability of Internet Explorer 8 RC1. [...]

If you downloaded Microsoft Windows 7 Beta, you probably need some antivirus software that is fully compatible with that version of Windows. (If you did not downloaded Windows 7 yet and still want to download it, then be aware that downloads will end on 10th of February, so hurry up) And if you already installed [...]

Finally! So much expected day has arrived. So many of us wanted to get rid of the terrible, buggy, slow Windows Vista… And Microsoft finally said: “Let it be!” As you probably know many of leaked Windows 7 versions have been available for download from different torrent sites and other warez forums. (btw, that’s illegal). [...]

If you are still using Windows XP or Vista, and you don’t want to transfer to Windows 7 just a little more time, then you’ll definitely like to, at least, spice up your desktop with these official and unofficial Windows 7 wallpapers. By many benchmarks, the new version of Windows has proven that it is [...]

Search Engines (or should I better say Google) – The most important factor that differs highly successful websites that receive tons of traffic every day from the burried websites that get only a glimpse of that Google sunlight which obviously isn’t enough for survival in this cruel world called ‘Internet’ where search engines rule. (I [...]

The Startup speed of an operating system is really important thing for most of us. Some folks can tolerate their startup speed even if it is a bit (or way too) slow because they usually start their computer only once a day. But for those who constantly turn computers on and off (they exist believe [...]

Before I start telling you about converting PDF to JPG, I know you’re asking yourself: “Why should I need to convert PDF to JPG?” Well here are some of the reasons you might want to actually do it. First of all, PDF requires an application that will enable you to read the file. (Like Adobe [...]

I  really love using Gmail. It is free, fast and easy. And it is even easier when Google constantly adds more and more functionality to this great free email service. And that’s what differs Gmail from the mail applications like Microsoft’s Outlook where things change big-time but on a much longer time. But with Gmail, [...]

Last night, while I was surfing on the net, I saw some AMAZING photos taken by real artists. And the best and maybe the most important thing is that they are not edit by Photoshop or other simillar photo editing software. So I really had to share them with you and I will post them here so everyone can see them. It’s amazing how these so simple moments in life can be made in to real legends when snapped from the right angle. These are the wonder creations of photographers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference.