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Every blogger is looking for ways to bring additional traffic to his blog. And I’m sure you’re not different… Social media websites are one of the best ways to get some additional visitors to your blog, and if used wisely, sometimes it can bring thousands of visitors just in one day… (like Digg, or StumbleUpon). [...]

Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate has finally been released today! And it’s ready and available for download to everyone. As you already know, download slots are unlimited and this version of Windows 7 can be used up until June 30th 2009. Here’s what Windows 7 developers say about the new Release Candidate: [note]Your PC, simplified. [...]

[tip]Hi, my name is Ross and I am a first time guest poster here on Gnoted. I am a web site designer / developer and run my own blog over at I am in to all things tech based and thought that today, as it is my first post, I would write about a [...]

Have you ever wanted to make your Windows desktop cleaner and better organized and to still look better than other traditional desktops… That is nicely done in Mac OS X with OS X Dock where you can put icons that you frequently use and it really has some cool effects that make almost any desktop [...]

As you probably know, Firefox is one of the best internet browsers and I have been recommending it through many posts here on this blog and I will continue to recommend it because I really think that everyone should have an amazing internet browsing experience and that can be achieved only by using Mozilla Firefox! [...]

Here is something very original and cool for all Windows Vista users out there. If you are tired of old Vista visual style and want to crack things up a little bit, here’s a nice addition for your Windows Themes. This is really amazing Win Vista theme that I simply had to share with you. [...]

I just wanted make a huge giveaway on this great day. Yes, love is in the air and here are some cool Valentines Day wallpapers, fonts, heart images and even pack of Windows themes that will help you feel it. I hope these will make this day even more special and memorable for you. I [...]

While I was reading one of the blogs that I visit daily and really enjoy their posts, I found out something about Kaspersky India website that offers free Kaspersky Antivirus licence for six months and they were saying that it’s all legal. Something like promotion from Kaspersky so they give those free licenses for a [...]

Twitter is one of the fastest rising social media websites on the internet. (See What Is Twitter And How Does It Work if you never heard about it before). With many users tweeting all over the world, there are more and more Twitter services and tools that try to make this whole ‘tweeting’ phenomenon easier [...]

Simple things like splitting a document into several pages or fixing a simple typo – theseĀ  tasks can be easily done on any text file but are far more complicated when needed to be done on a PDF document. That’s why I decided to share with you some great apps that will make your work [...]