Apple to Release an iPod Touch in 2009

Amazon’s Kindle is counting it’s last days I think. Apparently Apple is going to launch an Ipod Touch (or Apple tablet as some call it) in fall 2009.

Very interesting part is that the device will be much larger than iTouch or iPod and it will be some kind of combination of those. They didn’t say yet about exact size of the screen but many news sources say that it will be 7-inch or 9 inch screen which is quite large.

It is known that Apple had experimented with large form tablets earlier, but they didin’t release any beacuse of a concern that overall users might not like it. And now adfter Apple launched App Store which is full of great games and applications that would work very well on a touch screen with an accelerometer that concern has vanished. Apple says more than 300 million applications have been downloaded since the App Store launched in July 2008. And if you combine iTunes and App Store on a device, you will have some very cool and handy gadget that would be used by wide number of different people.

And this iPod touch would kill Amazon’s Kindle simply because of price. Maybe if Amazon dropped their price for Kindle to some reasonable level that would make some competition. (hard to believe). This will simply be better e-book reader than Kindle.

And pricing is not known yet. The current iPod touch, with a 3.5 inch screen, starts at $229. The 32 GB model is $399. And expect that this 7 or 9 inch iPod Touch will be far more expensive than these mentioned. And that will be it’s biggest disadvantage. And just beacuse of that price many of the people I’ve asked don’t expect much sucess with this Apple’s release, maybe some fun-kids would buy it because of curiosity… (But then again, we’re all curious right? :) . But I think that’s bad prediction beacuse Apple is Apple and many loyal costumers will buy it just beacuse it is from Apple and beacuse it is successor of current iPod which had great success.

I just have to say that I expected from Apple this time that they would finally include with this iPod Touch some good handwritting recognition option. (not like these we have today by some pc tablets). I am talking about really smart coded handwritting recognition. Some option like asking user to type what he meant if the iPod touch can’t recognise that part of  the handwriting… And so on. (That would be something really smart and useful).

But Apple has nothing to lose with this. They have built great brand name and many people (including me) like them and will buy products like this one without much hesitation.

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