Add Your Friends From Facebook To Google+ (Plus)

If you are one of the early adopters and want to give Google+ a try, one of the biggest problems for you must be how to import all of your Facebook friends into your Google+ profile.

There is no direct way to do this, yet, but here’s a short and easy workaround that will add your Facebook friends to Google+ in no time.

You will need a Yahoo! account and (of course) Google (+) Plus account.

1. Go to your Yahoo! mail account and go to “Contacts” tab. Then click “Import Contacts”.
add facebook contacts to yahoo

2. From the given options, choose “Facebook”. After that, you will be asked to grant permission to Yahoo to access your Facebook contacts, so you go ahead and click “Okay”.
choose facebook
Then you will see short message “Retrieving data from Facebook…” And just so you know, this process might take a while… It depends on number of your friends, if you have 1000+, you’ll need to be patient for a moment (however ironic that may sound)

3. Refresh page and go to your “Contacts” tab again. Check the button to select them all from the list. Now click “Actions” and from the drop-down menu choose “Export All…”
export contacts via yahoo csv

4. From the available options of exporting, choose Yahoo CSV format and click “Export Now”.
Yahoo csv format of exporting contacts

You will be asked to enter a Captcha anti-spam code here, so you do that. Then wait for about 5 seconds and you will see your contacts have been exported and downloaded into a Yahoo CSV file format. We will use that file now to upload the contacts to your Gmail account.

5. Go to your Gmail account. Click on “Contacts” button located below “Mail” button on the upper left side. Then click “More” and from the drop-down menu choose “Import”.
import yahoo contacts to gmail and goole plus

6. In the pop-up window, click the “Choose File” button and find the Yahoo CSV file that we downloaded before in the step 4. Then click on “Import”.
upload contacts to gmail

7. And now finally, you can see all your contacts there in Gmail, which means they will also be available in the Google+ Circles panel.
So now go to your Google plus page, go to Circles and click on “Find People”. There you will see all of your Facebook friends ready to be added to your Google plus circles.
Now just add them to corresponding circles of your liking and enjoy your Google+ experience.
find people on google plus

If you don’t have Google+ account and would like to create one, but you need an Invite, then just ask for it in the comments, and I will send you one.

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  • Jorn Reply

    Yahoo have made a 14 days waiting time to export

  • Jerry Reply

    I would really like to try out Google plus. Could you send me an invite maybe?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dennis Reply

      Invite sent to you. Enjoy. ;)

  • Mox Reply

    I would really like an Invite, to see what makes it so different!


    • Dennis Reply

      Invite sent to your email.
      Have fun!

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