9 Minimalist Firefox Plugins to Simplify Your Internet Browsing

Mozilla’s Firefox browser has a growing list of followers who love its usability, speed and extensibility. Firefox users who want their browser to run even faster can eliminate features they don’t want. Another goal of the minimalist is to conserve screen space so users see content, not the browser. Although Firefox users can streamline their browser by manually editing its settings, the following 9 plugins minimize the footprint of the browser on system resources. Available as free downloads; these plugins can make Firefox faster than ever.

1. AdBlock Plus

Ad Block plus firefox add-onBad for webmasters hoping to earn money through advertising, but good for Internet users who don’t want to wait for pesky ads to load, AdBlock plus saves Internet users time by telling Firefox not to load them. A simple interface lets users disable the plugin on a per-site basis if needed.

2. Google Minimalist

The Google Minimalist plugin gives users a sleek, simple interface for the Google search engine. A small button on the status bar gives easy access to the search engine.

3. Classic Compact Firefox theme

reduce space taken by menu firefoxBy installing this theme in Firefox, users get more of their screen for normal use. This plugin eliminates spacing between Firefox elements to minimize the amount of display real estate the browser commands. Users who want to see more content and less interface will love this theme.

4. Searchbar Autosizer

search bar resizer add-onWhy waste screen space with a search field when no search is needed? The autosizer plugin reduces the size of that search bar, expanding it only when it is needed. When collapsed, the address bar expands, exposing the vital information it contains.

5. Greasemonkey

greasemonkeyUse this plugin to change the way Firefox behaves by leveraging Javascript and a convenient user interface. With this tool installed, Firefox users can modify their browser to their heart’s content. They can write their own scripts or access online libraries containing thousands of scripts that perform almost infinite modifications to their browser.

6. Faviconize Tab

favicon tabs firefoxDouble click a tab to collapse it to a small icon. The Faviconize Tab plugin preserves space on the screen and on the Firefox interface while preserving accessibility by shrinking bulky elements.

7. Download Statusbar

download status bar firefox add-onThis minimal status bar lets users keep track of downloads without wasting space or distracting them from their work. Install the Download Statusbar plugin to create this important effect.

8. AdBlock Plus Element Hiding Helper

ad block plus element hiderThose who like AdBlock will love the additional flexibility offered by the Element Hiding Helper. This plugin gives Firefox users the ability to define screen elements to block that the AdBlock plugin might miss. This addresses advertising masked by scripts and other codes that often make it past the AdBlock perimeter.

9. Personal Menu

firefox personal menuThe Personal Menu puts Firefox users in the driver’s seat. They get to decide what their Web browser’s menu looks like and what items it includes. It presents only the options the user wants to see in the Firefox menu, while keeping all the other options hidden, but accessible with a single click of the mouse.

Firefox users should download these 9 plugins to increase their browser speed and reclaim more of their screen. After trying them all, they should keep the ones they find most useful and then continue their search for other ways to get more of what they want from Firefox.

This was a guest post by James Adams.
Enthusiastically involved with the upkeep of Cartridge Save, James blogs and writes numerous articles, and also makes sure he keeps track of all the ink and toner.

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