80 High Quality Mozilla Firefox Wallpapers


As you probably know, Firefox is one of the best internet browsers and I have been recommending it through many posts here on this blog and I will continue to recommend it because I really think that everyone should have an amazing internet browsing experience and that can be achieved only by using Mozilla Firefox! (Get It Now)

And now for those of you who already use Firefox, I have a pack of 80 amazing, high quality Firefox wallpapers that would be great addition to your wallpaper collection. Even if you do not use Firefox, I am sure that you will love these…

And I’m sure some of you would like to see wallpapers of other internet browsers too. Like Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and even Internet Explorer… I will post wallpapers of those too, later this week.

Note that thumbnails that you see below are cropped so they can fit into post, that’s why some wallpapers have missing edges. Just click on the thumbnail that you would like to download and you will see full preview of wallpaper. Now enjoy this beautiful collection of the best Firefox HQ Wallpapers on the web…

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19 Responses
  • Simran Reply

    Awesome collection m/

    • GenniCe Reply

      I’m glad you like it Simran. I will be posting more of them soon… Enjoy!

  • Simran Reply

    Thanks GenniCe !!!

  • GetAFreeIphone Reply

    I just love your weblog! Very nice post! Still you can do many things to improve it.

  • betclic Reply

    I just began to use Firefox and I find your papers : happy coincidence !

    • GenniCe Reply

      Enjoy the wallpapers! :) And come back soon! It will be more…

  • spellathon Reply

    Cool Firefox Wallpapers, I like “TAKE BACK THE WEB” the most :)

    • GenniCe Reply

      Hey Spellathon, I agree… That one’s one of the best! Oh and btw, you have a great blog too… :) Thanks for stopping by!

  • Drew of http://desktopinspirations.blogspot.com Reply

    What an inspiring Firefox wallpaper collection! :) I think it fired up my creative juices.

  • unibet Reply

    God save Firefox… and its users.

    • GenniCe Reply

      LoL! That comment made my day… :) Thanks!

  • Arsolalito Reply

    Great coolection of firefox logos.
    I would never have imagine such a declinaison of their logos.
    Thanks for sharing it, it’s very usefull for my works

  • kratoan Reply

    i love it very much , thailand

  • Terry Reply

    Nice work! Would like to use on of them for a background on a FF video tutorial.

    Appreciate the share.


  • adit baco Reply

    thanks,,, they are gorgeoussss….

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