6 Top-Notch Security Apps For Android & iPhone

In the cyber-age, online security is a big money business that protects big interests and small interests alike. From home computer networking to top-of-the-line corporate firewall technology, protection against viruses, malware and identity theft are of paramount importance.

With mobile device sales growing, mobile security apps are proliferating as well. Of the hundreds of security apps available for your mobile device, there are six (three for the Android and three for the iPhone) that warrant special consideration.

Lookout for Android

lookout app for androidThis security app has received top accolades from CNET, PCWorld and TechCrunch, offering excellent services for data backup and restore, phone tracking, and anti-virus and malware protection, as well as a great visual interface. The app got kudos recently in Oregon after a man who’d lost several possessions in a home robbery was able to use his Lookout-protected Motorola phone in order to track down the criminal.

Fingerprint Security for iPhone

fingerprint security scanner app iphoneThere are a number of fingerprint security apps available but this one pushes the envelope on biometric technology. Get futuristic on identity thieves by accessing your phone with nothing more than the lines on your thumb.

Security Shield for Android

security shield appThis anti-theft and identity protection app utilizes GPS in order to allow for automatic real-time location tracking. And it’s web-based console and added protections against spyware and malware make it particularly useful for cellular devices.

Big Brother Camera Security for iPhone

Okay, full disclosure, this app was banned, but it’s so cool it simply has to be mentioned, in case you can jailbreak it into your device. The Big Brother Camera Security app allows you to remotely photograph the person stealing your phone or gaining unauthorized access to it. The ban came over concerns the app could also be used to violate privacy expectations by collecting user passcodes.

WaveSecure for Android

WaveSecure Security App AndroidDeveloped by tenCube, this app won the Android Challenge 2 by offering users a robust way to remotely lock, track, and backup your cell phone. The app is easy to install and allows you to secure your uploaded media as well.

GadgetTrak for iPhone

GadgetTrak iPhone AppGadgetTrak has won numerous awards and can essentially do the same thing Big Brother was banned for—remotely capturing photos of thieves—without compromise device passcodes. The newest push notification feature on this app sends a message to the device which attempts to trigger GPS tracking.

Mobile security will not diminish in importance as the years go on. Rather, the need for protecting you and your assets against malware, viruses, and identity theft will accelerate as hacking technology grows. Start equipping your devices with security apps now and avoid a giant headache later.

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