5 Websites to Create Your Own Music Online

make-music-online-freeIf you ever thought about creating music by yourself, here’s your chance to see how well can you actually do it. It’s a great way to try, whether you are some kind of music artist or just a beginner and want to ‘see how it goes’ or if you just want to hear some beats made by yourself.

There are many web services and tools that will let you create some rhythm of your own (see 9 Websites To Play Piano Online for Free), but I will list these 6 that I recommend and they are also the most popular ones… I guess that should prove they are worth trying.

So just let go, be creative and enjoy!

1. JamStudio


An online music creation tool with a very user friendly interface. Simply input the notes, choose the instruments and hear the results. There is also a video tutorial to help you get started.

2. DubStep


Created by LoopLabs, this online music mixer will let you create a wide range of electronic tracks. It comes with a big database of drum sounds, synths, bass sounds, keyboard and sound effects. Just mix them together and see what will come out. Don’t worry, it’s usually some cool stuff.

3. Tony-B Machine


Quite an addictive little piece of software. You get a melody playing in the background, and you can press different buttons to add effects, vocals, change the key and so on. Use your keyboard and you will start feeling the groove. But remember, it’s really addictive… You’ve been warned! :)

4. Noteflight


If you are a serious musician, Noteflight will allow you to create compositions online. It basically lets you create, store and hear to music notations online, with surprising quality. I can hear some classics already…

5. CreatingMusic


If you have young kids, this website is a nice resource to get them interested in music. They have a Java application that will let your kids make music online, and they will really enjoy the process. The interface is very simple: you just need to select the instrument and ‘draw’ the sound on the screen.

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    i think you should have like a hole bunch of different tunes and rythms and words and lyrics to put together and make into a wonderful song

  • Sahil Reply

    Nice collection. JamStudio is looking good.

  • marie Reply

    This is a great way to meet new people and write your own tunes and vocals.

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    Wonderful post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject?
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