40 Official and Unofficial Windows 7 Wallpapers

windows 7 logoIf you are still using Windows XP or Vista, and you don’t want to transfer to Windows 7 just a little more time, then you’ll definitely like to, at least, spice up your desktop with these official and unofficial Windows 7 wallpapers.

By many benchmarks, the new version of Windows has proven that it is far better than XP or Vista, both in performance and look & feel. So you know what my recommendation would be to you…

But don’t worry, ¬†as you are waiting that move for Windows 7, you could enjoy a little spark of it, even a bit earlier.

Here we have 40 Windows 7 wallpapers available for download. But as I wrote in the title, some of them are official and will be included in Windows 7 operating system wallpapers, and some are just modifications and artistic imaginations of how should it look like.

Anyway, it is wonderful collection and it looks great, giving our Vista’s and XP’s somewhat better look and feel as it is achieved with Microsoft Windows 7.

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[tip]Images below are cropped so they can fit into thumbnails. That’s the reason why some edges of these images aren’t displaying. Just click on the thumbnail and you will see the full display of a wallpaper.[/tip]


Have a great Windows Se7en experience…

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credits to theschneidi for this excellently designed Windows 7 wallpaper

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17 Responses
  • Bash Bosh Reply

    Wow, very nice collection of wallpapers!
    I have downloaded 9 of them from here!

    Windows 7 rules btw. :)

    • GenniCe Reply

      I agree… Windows 7 rocks! And I’m glad you like the wallpapers… Enjoy!

  • JohnDB Reply

    Amazing collection! Thanks for sharing this! I love these…

  • theschneidi Reply

    Thanks for your interest in my Win 7 wallpaper “win_seven_wallpaper_theenergy_by_theschneidi.jpg” it would be nice to add the original link to it: http://theschneidi.deviantart.com/art/Win-Seven-Wallpaper-TheEnergy-79966387


    • GenniCe Reply

      Thanks for reminding me theschneidi. I updated the post with link to your great Windows 7 wallpaper (thanks again!) and a link to your profile.


  • theschneidi Reply

    Nice, thanks, I enjoy it :)

  • aryan Reply

    These wallpapers are excellent thanks

  • Chris Myers Reply

    Windows 7 is GREAT! I am using RC 1 and its fast, I only have 1GB of RAM, Which is the minimum system requirements. WTG Microsoft..Hope it stays this way! Peace.. If you want to try WINDOWS 7 …Google it! =)

  • walid Reply

    excellet work :D

    i love it

  • Gowthami Reply

    These wallpapers were rocking!!Extroridinary

  • kkats Reply

    they are amazing :)
    thank you (:

  • Anony Reply

    Some people say that Win7 flopped! Is that true? And Win8 is coming!

    • Dennis Reply

      It’s not.
      Windows 8 is coming, but it’s much more targeted to users with touch-screen and therefore, Windows 7 will still be hard to replace for many.

  • sheyda Reply

    thank you , very nice

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