3 Wii Games That Will Get Your Body Into Shape

Are you just sitting there in your room, having a snack while playing all those addicting games? You are aware that by doing that, you are just adding more fat and making that body look like some big barrel. I know you keep telling yourself that when you finish that game you will go outside and move that body someway. But then again, when you look at that game you say: ” Just one more level and I’m done!”.

If you’re that kind of person (don’t be upset, you’re not alone) then there is a great workout alternative that will let you stay in your, so much comfortable room, and still shake that body and burn some fat.

Maybe you’ve heard about new console that Nintendo released a while ago. It’s called Wii Fit. It combines fun and fitness in one product. It can change how you exercise, how you balance, and even how you move.

The Wii Fit is able to calculate your BMI by prompting you for your height, birthday and weight. After some other tests it calculates your ‘Wii Age’ which it then uses to challenge you with running, push-ups, yoga, strength, and balance exercises. It gives health tips, tracks weight loss, and sets goals helping monitor your progress for a better and healthier life style.

There is a good review of Wii Fit on RogueDeals.com

So here are 3 cool games (for Wii) that you might want to try if you want to lose some weight:

1. Wii Fit

wii_fit_video_gameAn ambitious and refreshingly different project that is only barely a video game; here, for the first time, is an effort that could be used as a weight loss and management tool and unlike your recent trip to your local gym, you might have some fun between the repetitions.

Read full review of Wii Fit video game from IGN

2. My Fitness Coach


There is no doubt that any Wii owner interested in My Fitness Coach will immediately compare it to Wii Fit. Both are great exercise games, but they take two very different approaches. Where Wii Fit gave off a casual workout vibe (a sweat inducing vibe nonetheless), My Fitness Coach comes at you more like an aerobics DVD.

Read full review of My Fitness Coach video game from IGN

3. My Health Coach

health-coach-weight-lossThe game enables you create a daily session where you can set a number of goals. One of these is related to the packed in Pedometer that tracks your steps and plugs into the GBA slot. Other goals include food challenges (where you commit to making a healthy lunch or drinking more water), activity challenges (where you agree to perform certain exercises) and surprise challenges that aren’t revealed until they are selected. Offers encouragement and indeed its own gadget appeal of coming boxed with a pedometer to make sure you aren’t cheating!

Read full review of My Health Coach video game from gamepeople.co.uk

So far none of these titles can be judged as vacuous cash-ins on the Wii Fit ‘phenomenon’ as such. They mean well and are nicely produced. Still to come there’s Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009, released 1 April on Wii which does use the Balance Board, and later this year EA Sports Active – you guessed it – exclusively for Nintendo Wii that comes packaged with, among other things, a Health and Wellness Book, and two leg straps!

And here’s a video that will help you see this thing in action:

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