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If you have read the previous post about skyrocketing Twitter followers, you can see, if you already didn’t, how much power there is within social media, and especially Twitter. People use it for all kinds of stuff. They use it for fun, for business, marketing, networking with like-minded people, driving traffic to their blogs, killing [...]

To be honest, I still can’t believe what I did with my followers count! Remember, it’s going from no followers at all (start) to amazing 923 followers in just 3 days. So here’s what I wanted to do… I just wanted to try something out. Do some testing. As you probably know, my ‘official’ account on [...]

Let’s see if I can find photos of the offices of all popular web companies and post them here. Until now, you had a chance to see How Google’s offices look like (video and photos), and also take a peek inside Digg’s offices and see where and how their people work. Today, we will see [...]

Do you like how Windows 7 works? It’s way better than Vista right? I think we all agree at that point… Well today I have something that will prolong your joy of using Windows 7 for free from default 30 days, to amazing 120 days! I don’t talk about RC or Beta here, only final [...]

If you want to boost your system performance and speed things up, you definitely have to try this famous and award-winning software. You can download System Mechanic 9 for free, with 6 months licence. This is part of a promotional offer by Iolo and Computer Active magazine. (Below are the instructions for download) System Mechanic [...]

You have probably noticed that different kinds of people use different kinds of websites regularly. That’s just the way it is. For example, you can’t expect a serious business man to regularly use MySpace (except maybe for marketing, but that does not count as regularly). He would probably go to LinkedIn to find some like-minded [...]

Digg is one of the most popular social media websites on the web at the moment. I often visit Digg in search for some funny or interesting stuff and I’m also an active user there. If you’re on Digg too, you see my account here and add me to friends… Just because i spend a [...]

I’m sure you have heard that a while ago, Mozilla Firefox reached unbelievable one billion downloads! That is an amazing milestone for a web browser. But that could have also been expected since Firefox is an excellent browser and so many people are using it, and even many are switching to it from IE and [...]

This is the most widely spread problem that almost every person has when working on a computer. It’s the unnecessary mess that clutters the desktop and makes it look like a junk-o-land. And so many times you can not even find something that was supposed to be easy to find because you put it on [...]

Have you ever been in the situation where you want to preview something that you’ve done in Photoshop and accidentally you don’t have Photoshop installed at the moment? Maybe it could be on your friend’s PC, and you just wanted to show him your latest work or design or wallpaper made in Photoshop. Sometimes you [...]